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  • Apple Music sued over track that allegedly samples an original song

    Shouldn’t the suit be against the artist who used the sample illegally and not Apple? 
    Apple used the song in their advertisements for Apple Music.  Read the article, it is all in there.
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    It is all about Jony Ive leaving the company and no longer being in total control of the designs.  His 'fashion over function' has been a mistake for years.  The moment he left, Apple was able to fix the MacBooks in 2019 by removing the butterfly keyboard.  Remember the round hockey-puck mouse?  Look what a mess that was.  Not everything he designed was a good idea, and people prefer functionality over fashion.  Now Apple can make computers that actually work and be reliable again.  That's why I never got rid of my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" model.
  • New 16-inch MacBook Pro review: More power & more convenience for more money

    "When Apple introduced the M1-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro, it was effectively just a processor swap."  That is not entirely true.  Apple removed many features in the M1 models that had been part of the Intel MacBooks for over a decade.  

    These new MacBook Pros are what Apple should have introduced a year ago.  Faster MacBooks with more features, not faster MacBooks with less features.  People want more with a new model, not less.  Many people and businesses skipped the M1 MacBooks because of the lack of ports, inability to drive two external displays, and capped at 16GB.  Nice to see that Apple fixed both of those issues and introduced MacBooks worth buying, except they should have introduced them at the same price points as the models they replaced, not increasing prices even higher.  When Steve Jobs introduced the Intel Macs, they were faster, more features, and the same price as the PowerPC models they replaced.  People in the forums were hoping that Apple would lower prices now that they make their own CPUs, but that didn't happen.  Apple is still price gouging for SSD storage and there is no reason for it.  Now there is no other option but to pay the Apple Tax at the time of purchase.
  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

    "We wish that this had come out a little more clearly for everyone because we feel very positive and strongly about what we're doing, and we can see that it's been widely misunderstood," said Federighi.

    Poor Craig.  When even he doesn't understand the complaints, you know something is very wrong at Apple.

    Apple was VERY clear and not misunderstood at all.  That is why they got so much backlash from pretty much every organization and customers.  Apple made it very clear that the hashes would be stored on device and the scanning would take place on device, before anything is uploaded to the cloud.  Apple defaults iCloud Photos to on, so every photo would be scanned and either matches or partial matches would be reported.  If over 30, a third party contractor would review the actual photos and decide whether or not to report you to authorities.

    Apple can't claim to care about privacy and then tell people they are going to scan every photo on their devices because they are trying to 'save the children'.  Remember it was not that long ago that Apple got caught with having third party contractors listen to Siri conversations with location and ID data, and only after they got caught, they finally installed an 'off' switch in the software.  It would not be long for Apple to include iCloud Drive with CSAM scanning so they can scan all your documents too.  There is still a major bug in the macOS setup in which you decline iCloud Drive, but once logged into the Finder, iCloud Drive is turned back on, and must be manually turned back off.
  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

    lkrupp said:
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    Dead_Pool said:
    Subway’s Jared tweets his appreciation!
    Think of the children who will suffer abuse because a few privacy wackos don’t want Apple to scan their photos. Fuck those kids, right?
    Nope. Apple can very well scan the photos in iCloud and report it to authorities. They have the keys to decrypt the files stored in iCloud, so there is NOTHING that is preventing Apple from doing it and NO ONE is against this. The opposition is only for doing the scan ON the device, NOT in iCloud.
    And as AppleInsider and Apple have stated, images are not scanned on the device. But you choose to believe it’s a lie because...?
    Apple has openly and clearly stated that the CSAM hashes are stored on your device and every photo on your device is scanned BEFORE they are uploaded to their servers when iCloud Photos is turned on, and Apple turns it on by default.  Apple will scan every photo on your device.  Why do you choose not to believe that?