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  • The biggest features missing from Final Cut Pro for iPad at launch

    With plug-ins stated to be included later, it makes me wonder if there’s something coming in iPadOS 17 that’s going to allow for it along with more features. These existing gives me the gut feeling that there’s something major coming in the next OS
  • Full-featured Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro coming to iPad in May

    csimmons said:
    Subscription from Apple for an app?
    No thanks. F*cking subscriptions everywhere for an app I sometimes use everyday, sometimes not for months.

    If this happens with FCPX for macOS as well I’m off to Resolve. A shame because FCP is an excellent NLE (just very behind competitors in features) 
    There’s always one. Today it’s you, I guess.

    I use Logic and FCPX every day. 49$ a year is less than I pay for 1 halfway decent third party plug-in. For pros / semipros, the software pays for itself. 
    Exactly!  $5/month or $49 a year is a lot cheaper than the $300 one time purchase
  • Full-featured Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro coming to iPad in May

    I freakin’ called it in the article saying it was coming out in ‘24!  I said that DaVinci Resolve on the iPad was the shot across the bow and we’d see FCP and Logic Pro sooner rather than later.  Now what excuse will the YouTubers have now to try to say the iPad isn’t a “Pro” or “Real” device?
  • Final Cut Pro with feature parity due on iPad by 2024, claims iffy rumor

    Dooofus said:
    Just because the iPad has an M processor does not mean it can run Final Cut Pro properly. The iPad version of the chip has a very limited number of CPU and graphics cores compared to Mac versions. If it had feature parity, the performance would be horrible.
    Actually, the iPad Pro’s M2 has more cores than the base model MacBook Air & 13in Pro’s M2. The iPad Pro’s chip is an 8 core CPU, 10 core GPU M2 and the base model MacBooks M2 is an 8 core CPU and 8 core GPU M2, the 8/10 M2 is something you have to upgrade on the MacBooks. As I’ve said for years, there’s no reason why Final Cut or the full Adobe apps are not on the iPad. Adobe’s insistence on using the watered down version of PS for the iPad is a joke. 

    I honestly think we’ll see FCP on the iPad sooner rather than later. Da Vinci Resolve was a shot across the bow which I think will prompt people to finally get off their butts and put their full apps on the iPads
  • Apple chose a bad year to launch expensive iPads that aren't compelling

    macwhiz said:
    I suspect the Apple Pencil 2 and the landscape camera are mutually exclusive. 

    The Pencil 2 charges when it snaps to the "top" of the iPad (when used in landscape orientation). There's a window on the side of the iPad Pro for the inductive charger, right where the camera module would need to sit. With a camera in that spot, there's probably no room for the charger, meaning there'd be no way for users to charge their Pencil 2.

    But what about an adapter? After all, you need an adapter to charge a Pencil 1 on the new iPad, because it doesn't have a Lightning port. Well, the Pencil 1 adapter is passive—two jacks with some wires between them. It's cheap to manufacture. A Pencil 2 adapter would need a charging coil, active circuitry to drive it... and some solution for how the Pencil 2 uses the inductive charger to pair to the iPad. It'd cost a lot more than $9.

    Can't snap the pencil to the left of the iPad; that's where the power button and microphones are. Can't snap to the right; that's the USB-C port and speakers. The bottom? It'd block the hinge of the keyboard case.

    Put the camera on the bottom? Dell tried that, and got pilloried in reviews for making a laptop with an up-your-nose camera view.

    Plus, on the Pro, you've got Face ID. A landscape camera can be covered when you hold it in portrait mode, blocking Face ID from working. On the base iPad, you've still got Touch ID, so it doesn't matter... unless you try a handheld FaceTime call in portrait mode...
    I think what they did with the iPad is saying those clamoring for landscape cameras, "hey! we can move it...but there's going to be compromise."   My wish is eventually in the future, Apple figures out a way for a battery free Apple Pencil, so there would be no need for charging.  I don't know how much they can go down that route without infringing on Wacom drivers.  And even with those, there's compromise.  I don't miss having to calibrate my screen like I did with Wacom or Huion tablets