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  • Apple chose a bad year to launch expensive iPads that aren't compelling

    netrox said:
    Remember iPad Pro A12 to A12Z where the only difference is the GPU speed? 

    M2 is much faster than M1 compared to the upgrade from A12 to A12Z. Both CPU and GPU are increased significantly from M1 to M2. The WiFi increased as well allowing people to transfer big files in less time. 

    The fact that the cost stays the same is surprising considering that the prices keep going up. It's likely the next iteration will see a price hike for more features. 

    The pencil hover is not a "gimmick" - it's very useful and I've thought about it many times how it would be nice to have that feature. It will make the UX more pleasant and will likely be used for future iterations of iPads. 

    Should people with M1 upgrade? Definitely no for a vast majority of them. Will they notice if they upgrade from A12Z? Unlikely unless they're using it for content creation where they would definitely notice speed improvements.

    I own A12Z and I don't see any reason for me to upgrade - it is still responsive and fast and does everything I need. I read, I write notes, and I watch videos occasionally. I don't use it to make videos or photo editing although they can be used for that. I prefer to use my iMac 27 for that.  
    As an illustrator who uses the M1 iPad Pro, the addition of Hover has me really thinking of upgrading.  

    As for this article, it's why I've lost interest in tech reviews and tech YouTube. I used to love it, but the past couple of years have gotten bad. People purposely trying to find faults in devices, all to get the clicks.  They make a big deal griping about features that are really niche features.  Honestly, how many people are actually clamoring or actually going to use 2nd monitors on their iPads?  Aside from tech YouTubers, who is actually screaming for Final Cut Pro for it? Me, yeah, I'd like a version of Photoshop that is not what we have, but that's on Adobe. I see them complain about the M1 and M2 (not Pro/Max/Ultra) only having support for one extra many people actually use more than 2 monitors in their work?  I'm just over the negativity over them, because they're complaining because its not catering to the use case of .001% of the users and making a big deal about it, because they're chasing the clicks.
  • Portion of Apple Park evacuated due to possible hazmat situation

    Sounds like someone reeeeeeeaally was trying to get out of returning to the office.
  • Fired Apple employee who aired workplace concerns gets approval to sue company

    Her suing would be the worst thing for her. They’ll throw her some equivalent of pocket change at her, make her sign an NDA and shut her up
  • 2022 'iPhone 14' revealed by leakers days before 'iPhone 13' announcement

    How long before Apple shuts that leak down? Was watching the videos that Jon, Sam Kohl,  Brian Tong and Luke Miani posted regarding this and so many of them going “oh with these changes, there’s no point getting the 13” are the purposely trying to screw with demand? 

    Watch, just to spite him, they won’t put those elements in there, I mean, it’s over a year! They’re s probably designing the thing, deciding what features are going to be included and all that.
    Dave Cummingswatto_cobra
  • #AppleToo publishes first five stories of harrassment, discrimination

    Saw a few outrage prone people on Twitter saying how they’re going to boycott Apple because of this and the CSAM thing. I’m thinking, “good luck finding an alternative” I mean Microsoft’s founder, was in the news for inappropriate antics with an employee, and Google is far from innocent. And as for the CSAM measures, the competition has had it in place for years. 

    But of course this is going to prompt some people to go on social media and say they’re boycotting Apple, because “Apple is evil” and they want a pat on the back for showing how “woke” they are for standing up to Apple…god sometimes, I really hate social media