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  • Two unannounced iPads may have been revealed by Logitech

    ionicle said:
    Doyyyyy…. But not exactly hard to predict that the annually refreshed iPad pros are getting an annual refresh
    Not quite annually refreshed - the last one was April 2021. The first and second models had two years between them, the next was a year and a bit, the next was 18 months - iPad Pro doesn't have a predictable cyclical refresh the way that iPhone or Apple Watch do.
  • Apple's deep pockets made it the only streamer able to fund 'Pachinko' drama

    crowley said:
    lkrupp said:
    “Apple’s deep pockets”? Ooooo, that sounds anti-competitive doesn’t it? Apple has enough money to outbid competitors. Is that fair? /s
    Get a grip on yourself and stop introducing your grievances into unrelated conversations please.
    The /s means they were being sarcastic.
  • Apple threatens to pull out of Toronto shopping project

    $5Million for a design?   $300,000 for a piece of clear glass?
    Apple needs to get fully over its design supercedes function obsession.  

    It did gain some separation from its obsession with thin and light Macs at the expense of functionality.  But it needs to do the same for its stores.  They are centers for customers to do their research, obtain education, get quality service and, oh yeh, buy products.  But NO customer goes to an Apple store to see the pretty glass front.

    Yes, image matters.  But, as Porsche has proven:   "Form [needs to] follow function"
    You have a point where form needs to follow function, however this form doesn't do anything to harm the function at all. The excessive cost is one thing, but that's not a form v function argument. And you could argue that the form is more beautiful without any effect on function since the whole point is to see through the glass.
    Regarding the design of the building, part of "design" is function itself. For a massive project like this, $5 million is absolutely not unheard of. Designing accessibility that fits into the aesthetic without taking anything away, architectural engineering, electrical and networking for Apple's unique needs - $5 million isn't insane.
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  • Jabees Serenity Sleep Mask review: a great value nighttime accessory

    Side sleeper with AirPods? Just use one.
    People roll over.
  • Apple considered adding Face ID to 24-inch iMac

    danox said:
    Two faces should be the limit, anything more means why bother…..
    I think it would need to be at least four or five for those families with multiple users. Want to sign on? Just show up to the computer and look at the screen and it will know which account is yours based on your face.

    I’m actually happy with just having the Touch ID on the keyboard. I feel it’s more deliberate than Face ID. Touch ID does not allow me to accidentally login into something. 
    Face ID wouldn't accidentally log you in either - they would likely include some sort of prompt such as a button press, the way they currently do on the phone. Not as slick as Touch ID, since the Touch ID button doubles as both the authentication and the button press confirmation itself, but it wouldn't be as easy to accidentally buy something by clicking Apple Pay and continuing to just look at the screen. That's a quick (bad) way to accidentally preorder a Tesla.