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  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    I think they're going to keep it really simple:

    iMac 24" - 2021 model
    iMac Pro 30/32" - M1 Pro/Max with a whole host of IO

    I think consumer models from now on will be USB-C/Thunderbolt, and Pro models will have separate IO in addition to it.
  • Apple closes seven retail locations as Covid-19 cases continue to rise

    ApplePoor said:
    We cannot allow the truth to impact our reality.....

    Apple products are luxury items.

    Perhaps we need to focus on basic survival for our entire population including food and shelter and medical care.
    Many of them are luxury products, yes, but some are critical communication tools that people need to survive. No, I don't mean that you need to be able to purchase an iPhone 13 Pro in the middle of the pandemic, but if your existing iPhone 8 is not working for some reason, you need to be able to go somewhere to fix it. The cell phone is many peoples' only lifeline to contact emergency services, connect with loved ones during a pandemic which may keep them locked up at home, and in a laptop's case, it could well be their only income source.
  • Move over Apple polishing cloth - Samsung has Z Flip jeans

    netrox said:
    $1,120 jeans just created for flip phone? Um.. no thanks. You can easily sew a pocket and it's all taken care of. 
    I think the jeans are dumb, but that price includes the phone as well, so the jeans themselves are about $100. Still ridiculous, but not nearly $1100+ ridiculous.
  • Apple already included workaround for MacBook Pro notch

    rcfa said:
    Why would it scale from all sides? Simply advertising to a app a less tall screen would be sufficient. No need to have black bezels on the other three sides, or is the article reporting the behavior wrong/misleadingly?

    The proper way to handle this is, that the code which draws the menu bar, simply makes that unavailable. Very few apps draw into the menu bar directly, so frankly why should developers even have to jump through hoops for something Apple’s libraries should handle transparently without additional efforts by developers?
    Not everything is written with standard UI views. Something like Premiere, for example, relies almost entirely on custom views, so scaling in only from the top would produce a squished UI. This is obviously especially not great for video editing.
  • Apple already included workaround for MacBook Pro notch

    mike54 said:
    I would like the top bar to be totally black, and I'll have the menu and notifications on that bar there all the time. If the menu encroaches on the notch, it will be a problem... maybe an arrow at the end with drop down box or something.
    There's a neat app called TopNotch ( - I've been using it and love it, even on my non-notched MacBook Pro. It's really quite slick.