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  • Apple already included workaround for MacBook Pro notch

    tyler82 said:
    What is going on with the Apple design department? From iPhone safari (sometimes the url and toolbar are on the bottom, sometimes on the top) to Notch-All-The-Things, it’s getting kind of weird lately. 
    In which cases are the URL and toolbar at the top again? They moved to the bottom in iOS 15.
  • Apple quietly hikes Beats Flex price to $70

    flydog said:
    AppleZulu said:
    What’s with the accusatory tone? ‘Apple quietly hikes the price…’

    You expect a media blitz to announce it? 

    The incendiary misleading adverbs trigger more clicks than a factual headline. 
    Incendiary? They did quietly do it. There's nothing misleading about the headline. It is a factual headline. They didn't go out of their way to announce it, because why would they? This in itself does not make it disingenuous, untruthful, misleading, or accusatory. They could have said "Apple hikes the price", just as truthful; they could have said "Apple stealthily increases the price", just as truthful.
  • Apple quietly hikes Beats Flex price to $70

    For some odd reason this makes me want them more.

    I avoid things in the grocery store that are on sale because there's a reason they're on sale (and those reasons are never provided to the consumer.) I've bought many things on sale in the past only to discover later why they were on sale. Never again.

    If a car manufacturer is offering special value pricing on some model, it's usually because that model isn't selling well. And there's probably a reason why it isn't selling well. No thanks.
    That’s the most asinine reasoning for not buying a grocery item because it’s on sale. 
    It's actually not. One of the differentiators for products and companies is by price, and it can go both ways. Forget technology, let's use the airline industry. You can fly London to Frankfurt for $50 each way on Ryanair, which is differentiated by being the budget competitor, or you can fly for $150-$200 each way on British Airways or Lufthansa, which is differentiated by being a premium airline. They both offer relatively the same service, but for those seeking a premium product, they would prefer the BA/Lufthansa product because of the price differentiation. Getting things on sale might mean it feels like you're getting a cheaper product rather than just a more inexpensive one, and it's very much a valid consumer practice.
  • 'Ted Lasso' character has a notchless iPhone 13

    Guaranteed this is an error in post. In the last episode (no spoilers), Rebecca is typing a short two or three word phrase on the phone and her fingers don't even get near the letters as they appear on screen. It is very likely just a green face on the screen during filming.