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  • M1 Pro and M1 Max GPU performance versus Nvidia and AMD

    I won't make any conclusions until the first real-world tests and even after that, a good year is needed at least for developers to get to know with this new architecture, even if there are A* processors for a while.
  • Apple's new $19 Polishing Cloth is already sold out

    lkrupp said:
    I ordered one... just because I could. I had enough money in my Apple Cash card from my Apple Card cash backs. So it was free. I will post a full review when it arrives, with an unboxing video. o:)

    baa :D /s
  • New MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor will ditch Touch Bar, adopt MagSafe

    I am waiting this event the most since the original introduction of the M1. even if this whole thing was started back then when Steve was alive, this transition I think is / will be the most important heritage of "Tim's Apple" and while I hate the dude I'm rooting for an even bigger bang than last year's was of course. I miss those times when I've felt like this (or even more like this) before every single Apple Event!
  • New MacBook Pros are coming Oct. 18 and the design remains a mystery

    darkvader said:
    neilm said:
    I'm pretty much in the "Ain't broke/don't fix it camp" as far as the MBP form factor goes. Sure, eke out a bit more screen real estate, and definitely upgrade the built in camera, but neither of those things requires any sort of wholesale redesign. My 2016 MBP is still elegantly simple and entirely functional in its design.

    But that brings up a few things that Apple actually did break with the current M1 MacBook Pro compared to my old Intel version:
    - Multi-monitor support
    - High RAM option
    - 4 TB ports
    - Meaningful market differentiation from the M1 Air.

    It's understandable why that was, based on the new M1 processor being the first and only one of its kind. But now's the time for a significant step forward.

    I'm in the "really broke/needs fixed" camp.  Apple broke a lot of things with the Retina MBPs, and broke a lot more with the horrible 2016 redesigns.

    - It's way too thin.  Yeah, thin is great for looking 'sleek' and being lightweight, but it's absolutely AWFUL for everything else.
    - It's too fragile.  See thin above, and then add in material strength.  Also, would it really be that hard to make the keyboard and trackpad at least a little bit water resistant?
    - Soldered storage.  This really is a massive mistake.  SSDs wear out, and drives are the component most people want to upgrade.
    - Soldered RAM.  The second-most desired upgrade, and RAM sometimes fails too.
    - Ports.  I mean, seriously, it won't hurt anything to put more on the computers, and a USB-A port and a Magsafe port (bring back the original, not Magsafe 2) would be amazing.
    - Batteries.  I know I don't have to tell anybody that a glued-in battery is just plain idiotic.

    I'd like to see a new Mac laptop that's at least as thick as the 2012 15" MBP that I'm using right now.  I'd like to see a Blu-ray drive in it.  I'd like a return to the battery of the 2008 MBP, with a little latch on the bottom and a quick-change battery.  I want to be able to drop in 128GB RAM and 10TB storage, using industry standard NVMe and DDR5 boards.

    Apple used to build good hardware.  I wish they'd do that again.

    And for people who really love thin, they can do that too.  Make a MacBook Executive that's stupid thin so I can hand that to the guys in suits who only care about word processing, spreadsheets, and their hairdo, and a REAL MacBook Pro for people who need power.

    so good to see there still are sane people here, not just blind, dumb Apple fans. this thread is literally about bidding who is the least creative and who is the biggest fanboy. for example, the first obvious improvement that comes to mind: slimmer bezels. bang. as you've said: more ports! it wouldn't hurt.. also guys, think about soldering everything.. OK, 100% of Apple stuff is recyclable. but are those reusable so that during the whole process it still has no impact on the environment or is it just one COULD recycle those, but.. shouldn't... AND is it OK to throw something out because it's not upgradable but with some more RAM / a bigger SSD it'd be fine for some more years? if we also include the energy / everything that's needed to create something new from these recycled materials? what's the sum of these? I'm on a 2012 non-retina 15" MBP currently and I'm with you, they (Apple) should "go back to school" and take a look at what was right and what was not since then.. oh yes and about those who said something like get a time machine, well.. get a life!
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18

    dewme said:
    I’d vastly prefer a Mac Mini Pro to a larger iMac. Nothing against the iMac, but I’d rather have a moderately extensible and modular Mini that can drive at least three 4K or higher resolution monitors, at least four TB4 ports, 10 GB Ethernet, support for at least 64 GB memory, and support for at least 8 TB solid state storage inside the chassis. I wouldn’t complain about other ports like SD, HDMI, and even one or two USB ports. 

    When you see how little of the volume of the new 24” iMac is actually devoted to the computing element, it’s very apparent that Apple could stuff a ton of computing power into a Mini sized volume. I wouldn’t even worry about maintaining the same exact form factor as the current Mini. 

    I’d love to see the Mac Mini be Apple’s version of what Intel does with their NUC, with various models geared towards prosumer to pro to gamer. Intel has gotten way more granular with too many models. Apple could get by with far fewer variations, like prosumer, pro, entertainment, and server. 

    That’s the dream. The reality will probably be a tweaked up variation of the 24” iMac with a larger integrated screen, M1x, all packaged in a Space Gray chassis. 

    +1, I am waiting for a beefier Mini and will be very sad if it turns out I'm waiting for nothing since months :D