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  • It could take decades to regulate big tech

    haha in other words: NEVER. democracy in its current form is not the friend of long-term goals..
  • More evidence surfaces of 5G 'iPhone SE 3' coming in spring 2022

    mike1 said:
    6toecat said:
    I'm interested in this SE upgrade, but won't bite as long as Apple clings to Lightening.

    How could it possibly matter?!

    there's no way he wanted one on the first place.. just our daily 'hate everything "i*" '

    frantisek said:
    Fred257 said:
    I’m selling my iPhone mini when this comes out. Apple made a decision by not putting Touch ID in the 13 where they will lose my business because of the pandemic.  I’m constantly wearing a mask and Touch ID is the way to go for me.  

    Isn't it easier throw the mask away.... ;) ?

    omg.. these people really exist..
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook pens letter in remembrance of Steve Jobs

    JWSC said:
    jimh2 said:
    While not the same type of person as Jobs, Elon Musk is someone who will not accept norms or limitations. He keeps pressing and perfecting until he gets what he envisioned. People like this make the world a better place whether or not we like or admire them. Settling is never something a great leader does.

    He also put together and mentored an incredible team to carry on without him, which in itself is impossible for all but a few to do.
    Yep.  Musk is it right now.  While I still follow Apple and root for it as a company because they’re still better than most, Musk’s companies are going gang-busters.  I’m always watching what he and his companies are doing.

    I keep joking that Elon is an alien because, I don’t know how he does all he does.  Or how he knows all he knows.  So much power and cross discipline knowledge all in one head.  I’m not sure there’s anyone else out there like him.

    So, dude is an alien!  You heard it here first. 😁

    do you all really believe this? :D Musk is the worst kind of mountebank. he shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence (nor paragraph) with Steve. Elon is a tragedy. if the USA woudn't bail him out here and there (let it be not just money) he'd be nowhere. unlike Steve, he sells people lies (like Tesla). also has no taste. I really dunno if I should cry or laugh at you guys..
  • Facebook says 'faulty configuration change' to blame for 6-hour outage

    so sad that this pile of stinky stuff remains this popular - there were 6 hours of hope it'll never come back :D
  • M1X MacBook Pro still expected to launch in October

    I'll be a bit disappointed if the Mac Mini won't get an M1X update at the same time!