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  • New MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor will ditch Touch Bar, adopt MagSafe

    I am waiting this event the most since the original introduction of the M1. even if this whole thing was started back then when Steve was alive, this transition I think is / will be the most important heritage of "Tim's Apple" and while I hate the dude I'm rooting for an even bigger bang than last year's was of course. I miss those times when I've felt like this (or even more like this) before every single Apple Event!
  • Apple Silicon MacBook Pro and AirPods event is on October 18

    dewme said:
    If you watch the various computer hardware/PC builder channels on YouTube, you will see an entire industry in denial. They are trying to squeeze every last drop of precious performance out of their x86 CPUs by water cooling them, immersing them in liquid nitrogen or using fans usually reserved for Boeing 747s. Meanwhile, the M1 Mac Mini is quietly getting better single core performance than most of them. Whenever a Geekbench score is mentioned comparing the latest AMD to Intel, I have to ask "but what about the Apple M1?" I am ignored of course because that's not something they want to consider. In truth the entire PC industry is about to be turned upside down by the M1X, M2 and then, perhaps, the next generation of ARM processors in about two years when NVIDIA has had a chance to catch up with Apple. Microsoft appears to be well aware of this fact. They got that little memo from Apple saying that Windows ARM emulation speed is a Microsoft problem to solve. Recent build of Windows 11 for Arm are working quite well. Seeing GTA V playing at decent frame rates on the Mac Mini in Parallels is quite literally a game changer.

    Totally unrelated. There's a hobbyist community that's been playing around with all kinds of crazy sh** for decades seeing how far they can push various CPUs (and now GPUs and other chipsets) beyond their factory sanctioned performance specifications. These fun & games activities done by hobbyists and tech geeks have nothing at all to do with trying to keep up with Apple or anyone else. It's like saying that some dude putting a blower and nitrous oxide injection system on his '68 Camaro is trying to disrupt Ferrari or Lamborghini. Some people just enjoy having fun and seeing how far they can push things without blowing them up (or blowing them up too often). There's also a side effect that some of this hobbyist craziness identifies strategies that real product makers can incorporate, to some degree and in a controlled fashion, in real products instead of hobbies and big boy toys.

    The M1 is very cool and fast as all get out by today's standards, but in terms of next gen computing potentials it will someday be viewed as Apple's equivalent to the Intel 80386. Who knows, maybe some crazy hobbyists will soon be playing around with M1s in a few years trying to see how fast they can push them beyond what Apple originally intended. There may be upper limits in terms of where traditional RISC and CISC architectures can go, but we don't know where those limits are today, much less know where whatever technology replaces RISC and CISC and silicon will take us. Apple Silicon may have a little bit of a head start today, but the competition, including Intel and AMD, are not going to concede defeat, not by any stretch of the imagination.

    while you're full of yourself I'd remind you that those "toys" are "real products" made by serious developers on "big boy toys"... I share your excitement about Apple processors but hey, it was a bit much.. ;)
  • Apple Pay bug could allow attackers to bypass lock screen, make payments

    DAalseth said:
    Skeptical said:
    Another day, another iOS/Apple bug. I guess testing is more hit and miss in the rush to deliver a slightly undercooked product. 
    As it only impacts Visa, I suspect this is a problem with Visa security. 

    It's also possible that code on Apple's side fails when one has a Visa card. Even if Visa's security solutions differ from Mastercard's, the fault may be on Apple's side, too (even if this turns out to be false and it's Visa I think people here tend to assume Apple = perfect and in case if anything goes wrong, 3rd party = evil).
  • Apple Pay bug could allow attackers to bypass lock screen, make payments

    Skeptical said:
    Another day, another iOS/Apple bug. I guess testing is more hit and miss in the rush to deliver a slightly undercooked product. 
    That's nonsense, but it's exactly for guys like you that such false headlines are created.

    I know it hurts but he is right.. Cook's Apple never was about the actual product and seemingly never will be. These are just some proofs.

  • Apple's iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 event is on September 14

    vedelppa said:
    another idea: transparency may be related to CSAM & co
    Lol no

    :D just a dumb idea

    The official invite artwork is for the Apple AR and VR headset. The animation is like putting on the headset and entering a new world. Developers get early, public by Christmas. 
    Honestly this is a good take but I feel like it’s too soon for an HMD. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised though!

    The AR feature on Apple’s page is kinda cool; you can I’ve into the Apple with your iPhone to reveal the date. It does remind me a little of going into VR.

    if it's not about iPhone/iPad (camera, AR/VR, satcom), what else can it be (assuming there's a hint) on an iOS event? also why is it too soon for an HMD? Apple Glasses (AR/VR headset) is rumored since like forever now (and I'm sure there were at least 10 articles about this coming in '21). there are some (meh) attempts that are available for the consumers since a while. they could destroy the market at this point like the first iPhone did (taking in-house chips into account, maybe even more). it's true though they could also come up with these next year or the year after with the same result :D