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  • Apple bids farewell to Frank Casanova after pivotal 36-year tenure

    JamesCude said:
    Hehe- I recognize several go-to phrases written by ChatGPT. Is that now accepted as writing on this site?
    Let's hope not. I get using ChatGPT to come up with ideas, but when a website's purpose is reporting, it seems like writing the story is a pretty central part of that. On a similar note, AllSides (news aggregator) has been adding a note to the bottom of some of their summaries saying they were "created in part with AI technology"... I appreciate the transparency, but come on. Having AI perform the work that is the central value proposition of your website is just a bad look. (Not saying AppleInsider is necessarily doing that.. but I hope they don't.)
  • Apple calls 128GB 'lots of storage' in new iPhone 15 ad

    I mean, yeah. I have over 11,000 photos on my 128GB phone (low-res copies, of course)... I'd say that's more than lots. HEIC is a super efficient photo format. Videos, though? I do still take care to delete all but the best couple videos the day after a show or after a vacation. It saves space, but also prevents clutter. It's harder to find the good stuff later if you just keep everything. 
  • New renders show what the iPhone SE 4 might look like

    i-boy said:
    How is this an SE (small edition) it should be like 4.8… I miss the mini 😭
    Totally agree.. I'm enjoying my 13 mini so much but I know it'll only perform well for so long!
  • Signs point to Apple Silicon M3 reveal at 'Scary Fast' event

    Am I the only one who misses the old days when a full integer update meant more? It's weird to see iPhones, OSes, and processors all getting a full step up for incremental updates each year...

    That being said, if they do drop the M3 then hopefully that will help me know whether to go ahead and get an M2 Mac Studio this fall or wait until the M3 studio comes along. I have a feeling it won't be a big enough difference to wait longer.
  • Buy an iPhone 13 mini now because it's going away tomorrow

    I absolutely love my iPhone 13 mini that I recently got from Gazelle. I had the 11 for a while and never got used to the size. Here's hoping that by the time the 16 or 17 rolls around, they decide to give the mini another go (or maybe the SE takes on that form factor).