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  • How Apple went from bust to five million colorful iMacs sold

    apple ][ said:
    The only bad thing I have to say about the original iMacs is the horrible hockey puck mouse that came with them. They were not ergonomic at all, they weren't even optical, they had a spinning ball that would often get dirty and they were a pain in the butt to use.
    I actually prefer flat mice, instead of "ergonomic" ones that your hand has to fully envelope. I rather rest my hand flat on the table, with the mouse loosely grabbed underneath. The current magic mouse is pretty flat. I occasionally use a MS Wedge mouse that is flat and I only rest my two fingers on the buttons (horrible scrolling, though, without Smooze installed). I don't like the original pro mouse and mighty mouse that much.
  • Apple TV+ review: don't wake up for 'The Morning Show' just yet

    I liked the first episode. I will watch some more.
  • Apple Pay under scrutiny by EU for possible anti-competitive payment practices

    How large is Apple's iPhone EU marketshare anyways? Android is so large in marketshare (75%) that one can hardly call any practice of Apple anti-competitive. Choice is given by going Android. How else is a small player like Apple ever going to go against the larger market forces if they can't offer iPhone exclusive stuff? It becomes their competitive edge.
  • Hollywood producers talk about Apple's TV+ plans & 'The Morning Show' problems

    Nothing new. The usual TV production affairs. Apple is no different in this than everyone else. Also, broadcast (network) television has to great extent been family friendly for decades. Is that a bad thing? Those include some of my favorite shows. Yes, Showtime, HBO, Netflix, eventually changed people's perception of what can be "TV". Still, I see nothing wrong with light entertainment with good stories. Hopefully Apple will bring the quality, and shows won't abruptly stop without a final episode, like is common on TV. Regarding catalogs, you will see that Netflix won't be able to get many old shows or movies, unless they pay a heavy price. And with everyone having their own streaming service, eventually Netflix will be left mostly with Netflix. Prime Video has some movies, but overall uninteresting. Hulu is a joint venture, but mostly Disney. So Apple + will probably bring classic network broadcast TV, with episodes becoming available each week. I'm okay with that.
  • Xcode confirms Apple Watch S5 CPU is the same as S4, 10.2-inch iPad has 3GB RAM

    stol said:
    They're welcome to say what they want. We'll see what happens when we get our review unit.
    I believe they compared the 7th gen. iPad with a (best-selling?) laptop and not the previous generation iPad.
    We were told, directly, on the floor, multiple times after the presentation that the iPad was twice as fast as the previous generation.
    Yeah, but twice as fast is already unlikely. The A11 chip is only 25% faster than A10. And the A12 chip is only 15% faster than the A11. It would mean an A10 chip that blows away all other Apple chips. Even the A10X is only 10% faster than the regular A10, mainly for multicore operations. Twice as fast? Hello? Madness. Alarm bells. Doesn't compute! It would have been wise to immediately follow that up with questions. They misspoke, and you didn't immediately reply: "But that's impossible! It can't be twice as fast!"