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  • Samsung Electronics CEO admits he launched the Galaxy Fold too early

    But at least they were innovative ;-) Albeit prematurely. But really, I still don't see it. Nice gimmick. Something new and shiny, yes. Can't believe some people fall for the trap of "newness". New is not the end station. I want a good implementation.
  • Jony Ive's departure follows years of dissatisfaction and absenteeism

    Even when Steve Jobs was in charge there was always pressure to show off something new but he had the guts to have the patience to introduce products when they were genuinely ready & not buckle under media pressure.  He had a backbone.  That's what Tim Cook needs more of.  And I agree the Watch was released to early.  The hardware for Version 1 (Series 0) was really slow and the OS was nowhere near ready.
    As if iPhone 1.0 wasn't lacking. Apple is good at getting 1.0 products out there as soon as possible, and then making them better. The first iMac had inadequate graphics. A few months later RevB came out with ATI Rage Pro graphics. iPad 1 was inadequate too in speed. iPad 2 was arguably what the iPad should have been at intro, but Apple could not wait a full year. Apple doesn't roll that way. Apple doesn't wait. Apple has never been patient. Apple is about timing. They know they should push a product to market within a specific timeframe. I argue that Apple has become slower in getting 1.0 to market. I argue the opposite of what you suggest: Apple has become too scared to push an imperfect product to market. Although, Apple Watch 1.0 push to market is exactly what to expect from Apple in Steve's era. 
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  • Jony Ive's departure follows years of dissatisfaction and absenteeism

    Of course it’s a perfectly normal product development to release something, iterate over time when you have real world feedback on what works, what doesn’t. What people like, what they don’t. That’s what’s happened with the Watch.
    The first iPhone also had a lot of shortcomings, but it was an exciting product. Apple Watch falls in line with choosing to bring a "good enough" first version of a new product to market. And Apple is good in quickly developing an idea and bringing a 1.0 to market. That's what Apple should be doing. It did it with first iMac. With the iPod. iPhone had longer developing history of experimentation with multitouch, but once Steve said they should make a phone, development went quickly too. But really, in what category do we want Apple to bring another 1.0 product? Arguably, the Apple TV Screen would have been fun, but too expensive a product for most to buy. And if it wasn't for the idea of driverless car, Apple could have made a beautiful 1.0 car already (I do hate current car designs and interiors). Maybe Apple could have brought the most amazing (video)camera to market, but one can argue that market is declining. Still, it could have been something amazing to see. Apple bringing to market THE camera to buy for all those vloggers. But yes, a very small market, and Apple doesn't do small. Apple chooses product categories where it wants to change things, like the home computer, the music player, the phone, the tablet, the watch... Where can Apple really change things? Yes, we again turn to the car, don't we?
  • Jony Ive's departure follows years of dissatisfaction and absenteeism

    Maybe Ive wanted to move faster into bringing products, and 1.0 stuff, to market. Apple is getting very slow at getting things out, it seems. It used to be that every year I was excited about new versions of the existing lines. That's gone. Now it's: New version? Nope. Wait 5 years. That must be hard for Ive too, to not have that regular product excitement anymore. Apple keeps hanging on onto old models for far too long. And there's price too. I remember when Jobs introduced the iPad. He had on that slide $999 as the price that everybody thought it would be. Then boom: $499. He said at $499, everyone could afford to get one. And that's what we need. Steve really wanted to push not just innovation, but hit the right price target while developing things. Yes, iPads are now cheaper than ever, but I always thought that the $499 price point should give us the chance to get the newest and most exciting things as well. Now every exciting product is simply out of my reach.
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