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  • Huawei founder opposes Chinese retaliation against Apple

    At least he's honest.
  • 'Love Notes to Newton' is documentary about the before-its-time '90s Apple product

    Everything prior to Newton OS 2.0 was meh. MessagePad 130 with OS 2.0 was good, but the device was huge compared to competition. MessagePad 2000 was great, handwriting recognition was so much better, but again the thing was huge in size. Stock eMate 300 was slow, but with memory upgrade speed improved dramatically, but the thing was enormous. Meanwhile PalmPilot was small, but the OS was limited.

    The biggest fault of Newton introduction was that they focussed so heavily on handwriting recognition. If they just build in a great on screen keyboard the platform would have had better success. But the onscreen keyboard of the OS lay on top of the interface, hampering the view of the software. Funny thing is you could purchase Grafitti character input for the Newton OS, and that worked great.
  • Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs removed from board as he pursues bid for company

    Rayz2016 said:
    So much drama.
    So many patents. 
    So much abuse of power.
  • Apple to launch entry level 13.3-inch MacBook with Retina display in Q2, report says

    With the current 12" MacBook being more "Air" than the 13" MacBook Air, what are they going to name this new 13" MacBook? The "Air" naming scheme has already been dropped for the iPad, so MacBook will follow suit.

    I think they are simply going to drop the price of the current 12" MacBook to entry level price -- probably $1099 for base model 128GB MacBook -- and then place this new 13" MacBook at the current 12" MacBook price. That would make much more sense.

    Knowing Apple, the new 13" MacBook will only get two USB-C ports -- one of which will be to charge -- no SD and no thunderbolt. It will cost $1299 for the 256GB model and will replace the entry level MacBook Pro (the one without Touch Bar).
  • Photos of purported 'iPhone X Plus' display assembly reveal LG manufacturing

    So the reports of Samsung lowering iPhone X OLED production "due to low iPhone X demand" is more likely because Apple will not use Samsung for 100% anymore, and use LG instead. It seems the only "reason" reporters can find for lowering production at one supplier is because Apple products is failing! The iPhone X is failing! Haha! The "failing" narrative of Apple is getting tiresome.