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  • Apple TV app stops video rentals & purchases on Android TV, Google TV

    lkrupp said:
    So it looks like Apple is trying to avoid paying 30% to Google but wants its 30% from Epic?
    Apples and oranges (no pun intended). Epic pays 30% to have its app hosted in the App Store. I find app store charges to be not only very reasonable but necessary. As for it is 30% ... I personally believe that for Apple and Google that is a bit high, but the reality is that you could lower it to 3% and some people would still claim that it is too high. But in this case, Google isn't hosting anything. I mean, they do host the Apple TV app, but they don't "need" to use Google as a backend to perform purchases and rentals. It is no different in theory from Netflix only allowing signups over the web to avoid the 30% fee from Apple (and Google). In practice this now requires Apple hardware to buy or rent movies and TV shows but that is different from Apple merely trying to avoid the 30%. 
  • Apple Watch remained king of the smartwatch market in 2021

    Beats said:
    I think 30% is little for Apple. Hope they reach 50% soon. Would love to see WearOS or whatever name of the month, go down. 
    This guy again.
    1. You think that 30% is little for Apple when:
    A. they didn't invent this category (Google and Samsung were there first)
    B. their share in phones is 15%
    C. their share in computers - can't call them PCs anymore I guess - is 8% and has actually fallen behind ChromeOS
    D. their share in TV boxes (Apple TV), streaming subscriptions (Apple TV+) and smart speakers (HomePod) is so low that most analysts don't even listed
    E. the only areas where their market share is bigger is wireless headphones (declining) and tablets (barely)

    2. Wear OS has had its name since 2018. But you are one to talk since Apple changes the name of its platforms all the time too (iPhone OS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, OS X, macOS) etc. But OK when you guys do it right? 

    3. Market share is unlikely to decline. It went up because Samsung and Google finally signed a truce resulting in Samsung ditching Tizen and their Galaxy Fit RTOS trackers in order to be Wear OS exclusive. Also, Google is FINALLY going to come out with a Pixel Watch this year. https://www.royalsblue.com/pixel-watch-could-be-controlled-without-touching-the-screen/ ;
    There are some Android/Google enthusiasts who will never buy a Samsung product (don't ask why but they have a host of reasons) so yes it will sell. 
  • Apple Watch remained king of the smartwatch market in 2021

    lkrupp said:
    Yet another Apple product that was predestined to fail by the pundits and self anointed techies that pontificate from tech blogs. Just saying. AppleInsider should produce a documentary of the pronouncements made by those who scoffed at the introduction of the Watch.
    Yeah, this totally didn't happen. I don't know why you folks constantly claim that everyone picks Apple to fail. This hasn't happened since the iPhone 3G. The persecution/victimization complex that Apple fans have over the #1 company in the world (that isn't a state owned oil company) is tiresome. Instead the opposite is true. People keep predicting that products/features like HomeKit, HealthKit, iPhone SE, the M1, Apple Music, Continuity, the HomePod, Apple Arcade, Apple TV, Apple TV+ and Apple One are going to "change the industry" when they have no impact beyond existing Apple consumers (with Arcade, Apple TV/TV+, HomeKit, HealthKit and especially the original HomePod not even doing that). Even the Apple Watch was predicted to drive waves of platform switchers that didn't happen (Android users instead mostly went watchless or bought watches/bands from the likes of Garmin, FitBit etc). Meaning that no one has bet against Apple for ages and indeed people are far more likely to overstate Apple's prospects for success. 

    Nonsense like this is why so many people root against Apple. They have no problem with the products or the company - indeed they may actually love both - but can't stand its consumers who have this amazing combination of superiority complex AND victim complex that can't be found anyplace outside of a woke political convention and a Russian government cabinet meeting. 
  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    DAalseth said:
    JinTech said:
    Looks like Apple just ate Alder Lake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even hinted at a revised Mac Pro. I cannot even imagine. 
    Yes I suspect some engineers at intel just **** themselves. They lined up to make a field goal and Apple moved the goalposts into the next county. 
    For Intel, AMD is a much bigger problem right now than Apple. Head to head PC workstation comparisons - Threadripper vs Xeon - sees AMD with a 60% market share. Alder Lake was great for consumer and gaming, but they continue to have no answer for AMD in workstations and servers. 
  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    Well, I am not going to knock Nvidia RTX 3090 performance with an integrated GPU. It is pointless. AMD's best integrated GPU, the Radeon 680M, performs between an Nvidia GeForce MX450 and a GeForce GTX 1650. Based on the integrated GPU performance alone, Apple has the "best CPU" crown and isn't giving it up for awhile. Intel and AMD are going to have to fight it out for #2