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  • Apple's Mac Studio launches with new M1 Ultra chip in a compact package

    JinTech said:
    Looks like Apple just ate Alder Lake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even hinted at a revised Mac Pro. I cannot even imagine. 
    Ah ... no. With a dual CPU architecture and $4000 entry level price, this is competing with the 26 core Xeon chips, not the 12th gen Core i9. 
  • Apple's iPhone dominated U.S. smartphone market in 2021

    jas99 said:
    Time to sell all AAPL shares. Apple is doomed. It can’t POSSIBLY grow any more. It’s about to go out of business. 

    That’s what your financial advisor will tell you. 

    I hope everyone is smarter than that. 
    Bitter, resentful comments like this have been on this board for years. But has anyone actually produced a quote from a reputable analyst or mainstream news source that has said anything like this in over 10 years?

    Please, do not cite people claiming "a specific Apple product is likely to struggle" (which happened with the iPhone 12 Mini, HomePod and Apple TV) or "Apple wll face competition" (as they do because no single product - not even the Apple Watch - enjoys 50% market share and most have less than 1/3 share) as "Apple is doomed." 

    Apple has had around 50% domestic market share and 15% global market share for the iPhone since around 2012. It isn't 2005 anymore where Apple had 3% PC market share with the bulk of their revenue coming from iPods and iTunes (on Windows!) downloads. At some point this victimization act that Apple fans put on has to end. 
  • Apple takes majority share of U.S. headphone market, study finds

    When you consider that Apple sells even more speakers than just headphones, such as in their iPhones, iPads, Macs, Watches, etc, there's no doubt that Apple physically sells more speakers than any other company in the world.
    Excuse me, but this is Samsung.
    1. Sells more phones alone than Apple sells phones, tablets and Macs combined.
    2. Also sells a good number of tablets and a decent number of watches and headphones, and some PCs.
    And those are merely the products where Apple and Samsung directly compete. Where they do not:
    3. Samsung is the #1 seller of smart TVs by a good margin.
    4. Samsung sells a ton of traditional home audio/theater products too (projectors, sound bars, speaker systems etc.)
    5. Even some of their monitors have built-in speakers.

    So yeah, Samsung sells more speakers than Apple does by a mile. In fact they would still rival Apple were you to take their Android products away. 

    Sorry guys, but myopic views of the tech industry - such as the strange idea that Microsoft is sitting around crying over not having a mobile OS when their current CEO is a cloud guy who opposed Microsoft's mobile efforts in the first place (that was Ballmer's folly) - or how losing Apple's 5% to 8% market share is going to devastate Intel (when Intel will sell 5 times as many GPUs to PC makers and consumers as they ever sold CPUs to Apple) aren't helpful. A big, huge world out there of people who don't use Apple products.

    You have to remember that Apple is MUCH BIGGER in North America than anywhere else. Apple has 25% PC market share in North America but Macs are almost never seen in the wild in much of the rest of the world. The iPhone has 50% market share in America, the iPad probably bigger, but outside of Japan the rest of the world is Android dominance. (And Japan does so for nationalism reasons, as Android devices are produced primarily by South Korea and China. To show the impact of this nationalism, Japan is one of the few areas outside North America where Chromebooks have gotten traction ... primarily because Japanese companies make them). This shows just how absurd statements like "there's no doubt that Apple physically sells more speakers than any other company in the world" are. Indeed Xiaomi - whose smartphone sales rival Apple and also sells no small amount of TVs and other audio capable devices in categories that Apple is not in - may exceed Apple here.
  • Microsoft's new app store pledge preserves its walled garden on Xbox

    You say that the console business is different from the mobile business.

    So.. Why do we have to listen to Microsoft then??? Microsoft clearly tried to launch smartphones with their own Window OS, which failed. Their fault. Not Apple´s fault. 

    Microsoft is giving a lot of BS this time because Microsoft is jealous that AAPL and GOOGL are so successful with their smartphones and smoothly running OS, which Microsoft wished to have. 

    You don't have to listen to Microsoft. Why did Apple Insider choose to post this article? Ask the editors. Microsoft has long written off not having a mobile ecosystem. They doubled down on cloud, surpassed Google in market valuation and haven't looked back. They are #2 to Apple and the gap between them and #3 and #4 - Google and Amazon - are huge. Microsoft only joined the Epic Games lawsuit because Epic asked them too. Otherwise, they have little interest in or anything to do with Apple. Google - thanks to search, ads, cloud, Chrome and ChromeOS - is a bigger threat to Microsoft than Apple is, which is why Google pulled their Android Office 365 apps off ChromeOS but hasn't done the same for the iPadOS apps. And which is why Microsoft used Chromium to build a competing browser to Chrome - Edge - and not whatever Safari uses to build a competing one to Safari. Microsoft hasn't tried to compete with Apple TV+, Apple Music or anything really that Apple does, but they did turn Office into a Google Suite competitor, positioned OneDrive as a Google Drive competitor, has released the Surface SE to compete with Chromebooks in education, you name it. 

    Microsoft launched their missive to get regulators to approve their purchase of Activision Blizzard. Regulators are concerned that the studios that Microsoft has bought, XBox and their huge presence in PC gaming and xCloud could allow them to dominate the market. This is Microsoft getting out ahead of the regulators by addressing their most logical line of excuses to prevent the merger in advance. Had Nvidia done the same, they might actually own ARM Holdings by now. If you wait until the regulators voice their objections and THEN try to answer them you have already lost because the regulators have already made up their minds at that point. In the time that it would take the regulators to come up with a new line of attack - if they even want to - Microsoft will have likely closed the deal. 

    Microsoft only mentioned that consoles have a different business model than everything else in order to justify not opening it up at this time. Still has nothing to do with Apple because unless the Apple TV explodes in market share, like increases it 20 fold, Apple is not in the console market. They are in the general computing market selling devices - macOS, iPadOS, iOS - that have the ability to play games. Like the iPod Touch ... primarily a music player but its ability to play games is a byproduct. 
  • Microsoft tracking increasingly sophisticated Mac trojan that delivers adware

    rob53 said:
    Actually it does because side loading would make it easier to install malware without any problem. There would be no controls stopping it. You know I’m right. 
    You are right. It is the cost of freedom. So iOS is an excellent choice for those who do not wish to pay that cost, as are other closed ecosystems such as gaming consoles. (Or at least XBox, Nintendo and PlayStation. On the upcoming Steam Deck, that will be a Linux system so you will be able to do anything with it that you want.)