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  • Why Tesla can get by without CarPlay but other car makers can't

    The best aspects of a Tesla are the range and straight-line driving experience off the line. Their cabin software package advantage has been eroded pretty quickly by the luxury manufacturers. I don't think Tesla is going to be able to play the "well our software is just so damn good you don't need it" game much longer. 

  • MagSafe's future, and the new Qi2 wireless charging spec

    I intend to pronounce it "cheeto" and their ain't squat god or man can do about it
  • UK won't copy EU USB-C common charger mandate

    mfryd said:
    The new EU rule only applies to phones that used wired charging.  It does not apply to phones that only use wireless charging (such as Apple's MagSafe).  If Apple used software to disable charging on the lightning port, that would make the iPhone 13 compliant with the new USB-C rule.
    Sounds dumb as hell to me.
  • EU will require iMessage, WhatsApp to communicate with smaller messaging services

    I do not think there is much innovation to be had in rich communication a la iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. I think the EU stepping in and enforcing a standard protocol on the market is fine. The market is mature and they waited until essentially everyone has arrived to nearly the same platform with their own twist anyway. 
  • Level Keypad now available to order, compatible with HomeKit-enabled Level locks

    rossggg said:
    rgw1469 said:
    sbdude said:
    rgw1469 said:
    Unfortunately, bluetooth transport is a death sentence for smart devices. You will not be able to reliably trust this with automations and it will more often have a big red "No Response" label under it in the Home app.
    I've never had a single "no response" issue with my level lock and homekit. First generation level lock, no less. I've only had no response issues with older "smart switches" using wifi, especially from ihome.
    I'm happy for you but bluetooth reliability - or lack thereof - with smart devices is a bright red line for me. They should make a thread enabled version of this product that falls back to bluetooth if there is no thread router nearby. 
    While I do hope they update their product line with Thread in the future, I will chime in too that my first-gen Level Bolt is one of the most reliable accessories in my entire HomeKit setup.  If you ensure there is an AppleTV or HomePod device within range of the lock, it will work instantly and reliably whenever you go to control it.  I do have some thread accessories that get better range, as far as not needing to be near a HomeKit Hub, but they aren't particularly reliable and are slow to respond to commands or provide status updates.
    I’ve found that thread devices are very reliable - once the mesh is built - but never reliable when interacted with via Siri on a HomePod. That seems to be a HomePod only problem - again, once the mesh is built - because the Home app or the wemo scene controller get instant responses from other thread devices. 

    Honestly, best I can tell, HomeOS is often the culprit of problems in my smart home setup. Like when the primary HomePod forgets how to check for when sunrise and sunset is happening so those automation triggers stop working in my home until I pull the plug on the primary HomePod. 

    Anyway, how close would you consider close enough for your lock? I have a HomePod Mini just on the other side of an interior wall next to the entrance and there is an Apple TV roughly 15ft away in the living room.