Maybe stop giving Kanye West such an enormous media platform to document his mental illness? And I don't mean banning him from Apple Music. I mean just stop writing, blogging and talking about him all the time. Since he started these rants, his online presence has increased by a quantum level. So everyone, stop, just stop. Let him be Kanye, let his fans support him, and the rest of us can forget him.


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  • Intel just took the worst beating in earnings in over a decade

    blastdoor said:
    JP234 said:
    Both of you ignore the obvious. Intel is a company in terminal decline. You're right that won't belly up, but only because it's "too big to fail." Kind of like Sears. All it's going to take is an activist CEO to break it up and sell it off for parts.
    I don’t think they are necessarily in terminal decline. I think under previous management they were living a lifestyle that was killing them. It was as if they were eating too much and not exercising — focused only on short run pleasure not long run health. They were kind of like Rocky at the start of Rocky 3, but worse (imagine Rocky 50 pounds over weight eating pizza and drinking beer all the time). 

    I think Gelsinger is trying to get this fighter back in shape and restore the eye of the tiger. There’s no guarantee he will succeed, but I think it’s at least possible that he might.

    I hope he does because it would mean we get better manufacturing nodes faster. And apple could use Intel to fab apple silicon. 
    It's not looking good. Intel stock reached all-time high of $73.19 on July 14, 2000. It closed Friday, 23 years later at $28.19, roughly a third of that long-ago high. The movement pattern I've identified shows that share price increases leading up to earnings releases, and then crashes on disappointing results. This has held true on virtually EVERY quarterly earnings report. The latest, from this week, was the worst in both earnings and forward-looking projections, made by the company itself.

    Intel has no chance whatsoever under its present business model, leadership or technology. They'll have to scrap everything and start from the ground up, or break up and sell off the parts. It truly makes me sad to contemplate, both as a (former) shareholder and as a product user.
  • Apple's Studio Display doesn't shine in the light of competition

    It's a great display. But you can find better at the $1,599 price. This is probably aimed at the professional/prosumer market, who need to calibrate displays/scanners/printers to precise specs. It can be done on 3rd party monitors, but is easier with Apple displays. Ideal scenario would be an all Apple-made turnkey workstation, where everything is already calibrated to CMYK and Pantone metrics. Sure would have made this retired printing business owner's workflow easier!

    But then, if I was going to dream of unicorns and rainbows…
  • Intel just took the worst beating in earnings in over a decade

    DAalseth said:
    JP234 said:
    tbornot said:
    It’s also likely that Apple sensed that Intel was a subsidiary of Microsoft, and their needs came first. “What do we have to lose?”,Apple thought as they took the M1 gamble. 
    Actually, at one point, Apple was run by the CEO of Intel, Andy Grove. And in his 500 days at the helm, he almost ran it aground.
    Um, I think you might mean Gil Amilio who came over from National Semiconductor. I just checked both the list of Apple CEOs and Andy Grove’s biography and there’s no record of him having an association with Apple. 
    D'oh! Right you are! And I even have his book!
  • App Store prices set to increase in United Kingdom, others

    lkrupp said:
    What goes up never comes down in the retail universe.
    Oops! You must not have seen the pricing on the new M2 Mac Mini. Dropped $100 from the $699 M1.
  • Any Apple AR headset user may be able to create and sell content

    DAalseth said:
    JP234 said:
    Here's what's behind these companies rushing these devices to market. Money, but not from selling headsets.

    The headset itself is just a means to an end. That end being able to sell "targeted" advertising directly to a user's retinas, with no outside interference to give a person pause to think about what they're seeing as it relates to the real world around them. Combine it with advances in AI and the trend is inexorably toward mind control. Think not? Then just remember how easy it was to convince about half of America that a presidential election was stolen, even without the benefit of "augmented reality," or any evidence whatsoever.

    Now imagine that scenario when the only thing the person sees is a larger than life depiction of some doomsday scenario, uninterrupted by real events occurring around them, beamed right into their temporal lobes. The chaos and mayhem to come from VR Twitter/Insta, AR Facebook, VR/AR FoxNews and MSNBC, VR Oathkeepers and Proud Boys… and those are just the domestic bad actors. Then there's hackers.

    I'll keep my eyes open and unobscured by someone else's idea of information or entertainment, thanks.
    Ever watch the series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex? One of the tactics in this futuristic, cyberpunk word that was used was to “hack their eyes”. That is to hack into their cybertronic eyes and show them not reality, but something to make them react in the way that Section 9 wanted them to. Whether it was to make them see one of the agents as one of the bad guys and let them in, or to not see them at all, or to get the gang members to see each other as a threat to get them to shoot each other before Section 9 went in.

    So your scenario may sound hyperbolic, but I don’t think it’s completely unlikely. 
    Thanks! But I consider my scenario far from hyperbolic or unlikely. I consider it inevitable. And I didn't even get into military scenarios.