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  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    AppleZulu said:
    lkrupp said:
    Government regulations being proposed will make this ‘victory’ moot. So maybe Epic can open its own app store in the EU but not in the U.S. ? How ill that be handled?

    This will kill any proposed legislation in the US. Nobody is going to try and pass a law that overrides the rulings of two courts. I think they were waiting for this outcome before moving on, and now any proposed bills will be shelved.

    As to allowing a separate store in the EU it will be simple. Depending on the country you live you’ll get a slightly different version of iOS.

    What I expect to happen in the EU is numerous criminals and shady developers are going to infest iPhones with malware and privacy invading features. Users will be screaming at Apple (who else will they blame) and Apple will sue the EU for instituting a law that directly caused harm to iPhone users. Unlike the imaginary harm the EU is trying to prevent by forcing 3rd party stores. 

    Excuse me while go troll Epic and the Coalition for App Fairness over this loss. ߘ馬t;/div>
    That’s not how this works. Unless the courts rule something is unconstitutional (that didn’t happen in this case), a court ruling doesn’t stop pending legislation. In fact, if lawmakers don’t like how a court rules on something under current law, their remedy is specifically to pass legislation to change the law. 

    I’d rather they didn’t, but that’s the remedy. If courts rule that existing law won’t force a change that they want, their next step is to try to pass a law that will. 
    You are right. So it requires politicians who can see the big picture.  That is why I said don’t underestimate the stupidity of the Biden DOJ, they could be working for the Chinese communists to take down Apple and they don’t even know it 

    I say this based on what I have seen the last two years after I helped  vote in these guys 

  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    Madbum said:
    Great victor for Apple over the Chinese communist owned Epic games.

    Tik Tok spying for China is in the oil news but Epic is just as dangerous 
    Especially since they are half owned by Chinese TenCent. Amazing how some of these shady operators virtue-signal while at the same time selling out customer and country for the sake of personal enrichment. Absolutely shameful. 

    TenCent/Epic’s Unreal engine 5 didn’t get so amazing without significant cost, motivation, collaboration, sweeping industry planning, and manpower/hours. The rapid entrenching of this company into automobiles, Hollywood, etc. is more than a little troubling considering where it’s coming from and what that country’s stated goals are. It’s no wonder they were so bold as to go after Apple, which has also made the error of purposely investing nearly 300 billion into a country so opposed to human rights and freedom. 

    It’s almost a shock that Apple won as the “bad guys” seem to win so often. Enjoy it while it lasts. 
    $5 says this whole lawsuit is planned and backed by the Chinese communist party who owns Tencent. Only the dumbest of the dumb politicians  in the USA will be going along with this complete Bull Shit from Epic and European Union! 

    They have common interest in taking down Apple to help their own companies ! Wake up !
  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    Great victor for Apple over the Chinese communist owned Epic games.

    Tik Tok spying for China is in the news but Epic is just as dangerous 
  • TSMC is continuing to complain about 'unacceptable' US chip plant terms

    DAalseth said:
    aestival said:
    DAalseth said:
    Geez, what a bunch of whiners. They knew what things looked like going in. Maybe they thought if they stamped their foot and cried enough that the government would fold like the State of Wisconsin did. Dudes, you sighed a contract, hold up your end or pay the penalty. You don’t want to be double taxed? Talk to the government of Taiwan. 

    As far as their bi*ching about how Americans don’t work hard enough. We may not work as hard as you’d like but you see your employees as replaceable, disposable pieces that can be used up and thrown away. In the west we put a higher value on the welfare of our fellow citizens. Once again you knew this going in, so shut up or GTFO. 
    Taiwan is not recognized as a country because of Chinese pressure, the same Chinese pressure that has Taiwan under imminent threat of invasion. But by all means go off on some cultural supremacist rant if you feel the need to share your complete lack of empathy for the people of Taiwan.
    I have a huge amount of empathy for the people of Taiwan. They are in a very bad position with few options. Xi is only making things harder for them so I care deeply about the PEOPLE of Taiwan.
    I however have no sympathy for the whining jerks that run TSMC. They have tried to pull this s*** everywhere they have built plants. Sign a contract, then complain about the terms in order to get concessions after the fact. They may make great chips, but the management is horrible.
    You need to read the fine print. It’s Biden that is changing the terms that TSMC agreed to under Trump and not other way around. Same issue with Foxconn in Wisconsin. TSMC are not the ones changing the terms 
  • Apple savings account for Apple Card has arrived -- here's how to get started

    Wife also wants a 4.15 rate savings account now but she didn’t have Apple Card before.

    have been trying to apply for a card to get savings account but no luck, seems like server getting slammed

    anyone have same tissue?