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  • Despite China smartphone market contraction, Apple is still expanding

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    One critical reason the global smartphone market is shrinking is Chinese manufacturers are not able to produce more of them. There are several reasons. You can provide one of yours.  :)

    Samsung, Google Pixel and others in the Android world have reached a dead end, in the hardware and OS software areas, they aren’t getting better, but Apple being vertical is (are slowly growing in the Chinese, Japanese and US markets) and that will become even more apparent once the Apple Vision Pro is released next year.

    The Chinese, Japanese, and even the South Korean markets will buy the best hardware and software, but what they won’t buy is the second tier, i.e. the Google Pixel or the Microsoft Surface, but they (the upper end) well buy the best first tier, Western products (i.e., Apple computer, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Rolex, name brand fashions, Viking, Smeg appliances, etc…

    Those that can afford however will not buy the second and third tier products from the west, not if they can buy a cheaper knock offs from the east and that is one of the reasons Tesla will be dead in China, South Korea, and Japan when it comes to car sales in time they ain’t first tier. Tesla’s ultimate market share in those countries will be virtually zero over time, and their Chinese market will disappear to a footnote similar to Samsung’s current China market share.

    Apple strategy of designing the best and engineering, the best is the reason for their resilience in the market place worldwide, aside from having a great supply chain when compared to the competition.
    Apple strengths over Android and Windows are its OSs, iOS and MacOSX. They are efficient builtin. In order to match iPhone and Mac, the competitors need to put more RAM in the hardware. 

    Tesla strength is its pioneering self driving technology. The competitors fight Tesla independently. This caused them to spend more resources than Tesla and cannot match Tesla EV. Musk said Tesla will bring out a higher level of self driving than FSD later this year. 
    It's quite common knowledge that Tesla isn't in fact a leader in self driving/autonomous driving. Tesla failed to use Lidar, preferring cameras, which are notably poor in low light. Tesla's are noted for slamming into emergency vehicles responding to accidents, and are notorious for phantom braking, and sudden acceleration issues.

    More to the point, Tesla is selling lots of Model 3's and Y's, that are not now generating the margins that they once did, and are beginning to look dated against the competition. 

    Of course there is the Cybertruck which will appeal to a wide range of Tesla fanboys, but the reality is that it won't be a very useful vehicle against the ubiquitous pickup.
    What you said are bugs in its system. But Tesla cars can do summon. Which competitor has this feature?

    Yes, they can do summons, but the results are often cringeworthy.

    Smart Summon was first rolled out in 2019, and Tesla owners immediately began posting videos of near-crashes or confused, slow-moving vehicles. One Tesla owner tweeted about “front bumper damage” while another claimed their Model 3 “ran into the side of [a] garage.”

    A video of a near-collision with a speeding SUV left the owner feeling their test of Smart Summon “didn’t go so well.” Another Tesla was filmed by pedestrians and people in other cars seeming confused as it tried to make its way across a Walmart parking lot.

    Elon needs to stop beta testing with his customer's cars, because he and his customers "move fast and break things", or in the case of summons, "move slowly and break things".

    Dumb fucks...
    This is not what I asked. You said Tesla is not a leader of self driving technology. You failed to name a Tesla competitor. Let me put the question more understandable. Does BYD have the summon feature in its TVs? Yes or no? And don't forget this Tesla technology is available 2019. That is four years ago!
    Other people don't exist to answer your questions.  Try some manners.
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  • 'Apple Music' can't be trademarked, says appeals court

    Also, presumably, Apple Jazz took its name from Apple, the Beatles record label, to give it more power.
    It may have taken it's name from the fact that there is a kind of apple called a jazz apple.  Or maybe there is a common root.
  • Threads hasn't been alive for a day, and Twitter is already threatening to sue

    So much crying, so much laughter
  • Apple TV+ shows may have been filmed for Apple Vision Pro all along

    I doubt it.  Putting weird cameras on set for hundreds of people to see?  Not a great way to keep a secret, and not a peep was heard.  Maybe recently, but I'd be very surprised if it goes back more than a few months.  I doubt it would even benefit most shows.
  • Vision Pro will require an appointment, initially only in Apple Stores

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    I knew these could be fitted with prescription lenses, but I didn’t know you could wear them with glasses too. Was this already common knowledge?
    you can’t wear them with glasses?
    Of course not. They are form fitting goggles, there is no room for a pair of glasses. They require extremely expensive prescription lens inserts.
    Except the very first line of the story says you can. 
    I think that's just poor phrasing on AI's part.  You can use prescription lenses with them, in a particular custom form factor, but you can't use any old prescription glasses.