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  • macOS Sonoma can be installed on 83 unsupported Macs with this tool

    cincytee said:
    mayfly said:
    I've heard this at every Mac User Group meeting, in person or online, since 1986. How do I keep my Macintosh Plus running so I can keep using those floppies??

    Ditch that obsolete software/hardware you've been using for your Bon Jovi fan club letter, get a new or more current computer (give OWC a call, they'll help you with it) that can run the current OS, and learn something new, instead of moaning about why Apple doesn't support ClarisWorks forever.
    If software is serving a user's needs, it's not obsolete, despite what sales weasels foisting the latest and greatest code on us will tell you. For example, I don't know that it could play well with current file formats, but ClarisWorks is a pretty solid program for doing what it claims it will. I don't use CW any more, but the only thing that I can see forcing me to upgrade my 2010 mini and 2012 MacBook Pro (the last models with optical drives, both now on High Sierra) is browser support for ever-more-complicated webpages (i.e., more ads per page). I might use a tool like OpenCore Legacy Patcher to create a partition with a newer OS for the applications that require it. (Already installed the big SSD....)
    You didn't factor the increasing need for bandwidth in modern web and streaming content. I don't know if that was intentional or you just don't consume that kind of content, but if you're "content" with what you have now, good on ya! I'm still using a 2012 Mini myself, but only because it uses a 1TB SATA hard drive, not an SSD, and it's used only for storage of music files now that I have a new 2023 M2 Mini networked to it.
  • Without irony, Microsoft CEO says Google unfairly dominates search

    MS - late to search, couldn't unseat the dominant player.
    MS - late to mobile, couldn't unseat the dominant player(s).
    Two data points don't make a trend, but still...
    MS - $2.3 TRILLION (as of today's close). Couldn't unseat the dominant market player. Crying all the way to the bank.
  • Code sleuth discovers reference to Apple Pencil charging via USB-C

    If you'd told me in 1970, when I was in drafting class at the Illinois Institute of Technology, that my #3 Ticonderoga pencil would one day need batteries to operate, I'd have laughed in your face! Of course, a 4 function HP calculator was $115, and my scientific calculator was a Pickett N4 slide rule. sigh…
  • Russian court rejects Apple's App Store antitrust appeal

    The more the Russian government tries to damage Apple, the more Russian citizens will want iPhones. And need them, given the Putin dictatorship's suppression of civil rights. Fire up those iPhones, use those VPNs, free Navalny. MOSCOW SPRING!
  • New Apple Watch study to look at child arrhythmia and irregular heart beats

    Big sales potential for parents with children at risk.
    Even bigger potential for hypochondriac parents!