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  • Without irony, Microsoft CEO says Google unfairly dominates search

    red oak said:
    mayfly said:
    I used to consider Microsoft to be an evil empire, out to destroy the Jedis at Apple.

    But then in 1988, I saw Windows 3 running at a demo at the old Elek-Tek store in Chicago, and thought to myself, "self, there's nothing like this at Apple!" and spent $3,450 for 50 shares of MS at $69.00 and still have it. After reinvesting all dividends until 2019, I now own 1,630.352 shares due to splits, and that investment is now woth $524,647.27 as of today's close (I also re-invested in Apple Inc. when Jobs returned, and no complaints there, either).

    So say what you want, I hope MS wins. Apple isn't going to suffer any loss if they lose, since Bing or Google, doesn't matter to the bottom line. To paraphrase the late great Roberto Clemente, "Microsoft been very, very good to me." And I think Satya Nadella is an even better CEO than Gates, certainly by the sheer numbers!
    Thanks for over-sharing, down to the cents 

     From the dates, I'm assuming you are 60+ years old.  Hopefully you have several more wins like this to make up for your retirement shortfall 

    Thanks for the wishes on my retirement. You're right, I'm 72. Professional Apple user since the original 128K Mac (graphic artist for a printing company), and spent my last 11 working years at Apple. But please, don't concern yourself over a hypothetical "shortfall." My wife and I are doing just fine, thanks!
    red oak
  • Apple Watch Series 9 review: Solid upgrade even with features still coming

  • macOS Sonoma can be installed on 83 unsupported Macs with this tool

    Marvin said:
    mayfly said:
    I've heard this at every Mac User Group meeting, in person or online, since 1986. How do I keep my Macintosh Plus running so I can keep using those floppies??

    Ditch that obsolete software/hardware you've been using for your Bon Jovi fan club letter, get a new or more current computer (give OWC a call, they'll help you with it) that can run the current OS, and learn something new, instead of moaning about why Apple doesn't support ClarisWorks forever.
    I can understand with the price of the 16" Pro as it can cost $4k for a good spec but the 15" Air with 24GB/1TB is just $2099. Every 15" Intel Macbook Pro can be upgraded to that and it's much better. Twice as fast, 25% lighter, slimmer design, better display, fanless. The old computer is free to keep running of course but for 10 year old hardware, the Air is a decent upgrade.

    Buying any Intel-Based Apple computer at this juncture is playing Russian Roulette. Who knows when the next OS upgrade only works on Apple silicon?
  • Spotify head wants UK to show leadership and stop Apple's App Store dominance

    "I find it insane that [Apple and Google] essentially control how over 4bn consumers access the internet around the world," he said. 

    I find it insane that the CEO of a public company is this dumb.  How are Apple and Google “controlling” access to the internet?  They have their own app stores, and they control those — as they should, being the proprietors of those stores.

    Why doesn’t this douchbag focus on making some kind of profit for his company and spend less time pissing and moaning about the success of other companies?  Without them, he wouldn’t even have a business.  Apple created the app economy leading to the scale we see today — you exist because of them.  Pay to play, you ignorant wanker.
    Because that's the American (and capitalist) Way. If you can't compete, sue!
  • Spotify head wants UK to show leadership and stop Apple's App Store dominance

    Who needs Spotify for anything? Just pony up and subscribe to Apple Music and resign redundant apps to the dustbin of history.
    Bart Ymacxpresswatto_cobra