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  • Foxconn paid 20,000 rioting workers to leave the company

    jdw said:
    You still don't understand culture. You try to link me to CCP proves it.

    Culture is contained in the history and historical writings. Unless CCP destroys Chinese language and hide its history, the Chinese culture will never be forgotten by Chinese people. Since this the absolute truth, CCP cannot continue its governing without conforming to Chinese culture. 

    I don't think you understand Western culture believes in absolute personal freedom. If you look at the several thousands years Chinese history. Chinese people is governed by a central government and emperor. They have much less personal freedom in political matters than today. 

    And you don't seem to understand politics. US is democratic nation. But President Trump did many things with presidential orders without the approval of people and not Congress. Politics is just like this. TSMC has to obey US order to move several hundreds employees and family to Arizona. This is democracy? Give me a break!

    US government and CCP is on a par in terms of politics. See Jobs and Apple ignored political in their business decisions. And what you are trying to do on Apple is imposing politics on Apple. 
    Whether you are or are not a mouthpiece of the CCP is something only you can say, but if you were a mouthpiece, you would obviously not be truthful about that. (serpentza has quite a lot to say on that subject.)  I merely said your words thus far SEEM to have been written by such a person.  How so?  Because you, quite curiously, haven't admitted to a single atrocity committed by the CCP.  That silence is telling.  You also continue to say that I am misinformed while you are not.  Rather than tackle the issue of past atrocities of the CCP and communism in general, you talk about culture, as if that somehow makes it all better.  Talk of culture doesn't make past atrocities better.  And talk about the differences in politics between the US and China is more of a distraction than addressing the core issue of the CCP.

    I cannot be imposing politics on Apple because it was Apple who made the decision to manufacture and sell in China.  I had nothing to do with that.

    When you finally concede that the CCP has done some very bad things to its people, we can then perhaps have a more productive conversation.  

    Goodness knows Western culture is filled with atrocities, but at least those in the West recognize them and don't hide behind a Great Firewall to prevent their dirty secrets from leaking out to the world.  There is some censorship of "freedom of speech" which disproves your contention about "absolute personal freedom" in the West, but that Western censorship pales in comparison to the level of censorship imposed on the Chinese people by the CCP, forcing the Chinese people to use a VPN in order to watch a YouTube video or see social certain media posts that the rest of the world can watch or read freely. It is that type of suppressive environment Apple chose to manufacture and sell their products in.  

    That is why I said in my previous posts that doing business in China is a great risk for Apple.  It's lucrative and so Apple remains there, but the risks remain too.  The riots spoken of by the article are part of that "risk."  That is the basis for our entire discussion, and no, risk is not merely some fantasy concocted by people who misunderstand politics or culture.  The risk is real.
    Your logic is failing. Your assumption is there are atrocities and calling me to admit a single atrocity committed by the CCP. But what are the atrocities you could not say. To I challenge you to name one by one and I will debunk you one by one. To make it simple you can start by one. 
    It’s easy to come along and try to shut someone down simply by saying “your logic is failing.“ The only thing failing is your mouse button, because I’ve given you plenty of links in my previous posts in this thread to give you the very examples of “atrocities“ about which I’ve been speaking. That proves you are arguing for the sake of arguing, and therefore there is no need for me to further argue with you on this point. This discussion is completely unproductive simply because you have one agenda in mind, which seems to be to defend the CCP, and you will follow that agenda regardlesd of how many links and how many replies to your questions you receive.

    The end.
  • Apple cutting ad spend on Twitter sends Musk to war

    jas99 said:
    Musk has gone completely insane. 
    Must has NOT gone insane, but many comments on this topic within this forum ARE insane.

    While I can understand the reason about bots, if indeed an official rep of Apple said a secondary reason about lacking trust in Twitter leadership, that is tantamount to taking a shot at Musk.  Must seems like Trump in that he will go to war with those who lob a grenade over the fence, so that verbal grenade is quite stupid on Apple's part.  And then if Apple's threats about removal from the App store are true, and we have no reason to believe they are not, that would be yet another grenade if not a small nuke.  And then we read all this news about how Apple is beefing up Ads, showing that it's not a case of Apple simply trying to scale back on spending like many other big tech companies these days.

    Personally, I don't want Apple engaged in this highly political activity.  Yeah, it really does touch on Left and Right, Republican and Democrat type of stuff.  As a fan of Apple products and as an AAPL investor since 1999, I want Apple focused on good business.  This now public tiff with Twitter isn't good business.  
  • Foxconn paid 20,000 rioting workers to leave the company

    lkrupp said:
    Why would the CCP want to hurt Apple when the company provides employment for hundreds of thousands of workers, fills the coffers of the CCP with taxes from the manufacture and sales of its products in China. Even for communists money talks and bullshit walks.
    To even ask WHY the CCP would want to hurt anyone or any organization shows an utter lack of knowledge about Communists or a lack of concern, both of which are scary.  There once was a time in America when Americans knew just how heinous communism is.  These days, it seems younger folks are totally and utterly oblivious.  That is more unsettling than the news of riots.  The atrocities commented by the CCP are too numerous to mention and that is indeed WHY they would be will to "hurt Apple."

    With that said, I personally don't think there is any kind of conspiracy here at all.  The commies are always pulling strings, to be sure.  But in this case, it really does appear those strings being pulled are merely attempts at getting reliable, non-rioting workers to perform important tasks at Foxconn.  When there are no riots, Foxconn is a shining diamond to the world of what's possible in communist China and the CCP knows that.  But when there are riots and general discontent, the CCP knows that news will leak, and that tarnishes the image the CCP wants to project.  Don't think that the CCP wouldn't turn on Apple on a dime though if it was in their best interest to do so.  MONEY matters little when the commies are out to get you for something they profoundly dislike.  Apple may bring benefits to the CCP right now, but Apple still has crosshairs on its back.

    It would be nice if Apple could get its manufacturing out of this communist nation.  But for now, it seems they really have no better options but to be there.  
  • Buy 10 Mac Studios, or this one Macintosh Color Classic

    Definitely not worth even half the asking price, even if it was the far more usable Color Classic II.  It's always nice to have non-yellowed plastics, but not for $10K or $20k.  That sale is basically targeting wealthy vintage Mac fans who have more money than sense.

    With that said, a more economically priced "used" Color Classic is a worthy vintage Mac to consider buying when you understand the upgrades that will need to be done to make it a fun machine to use.  Upgrading includes swapping out the painfully slow 16MHz 68030 motherboard with either one from an LC 550 (making it a CC II) or one from an LC 575 (making it into a MYSTIC).  The LC575 has a fast 33MHz 68040 that really makes it a fun machine.  But you can then take your LC 575 motherboard to the next level by swapping out the LC040 with an FPU version CPU, then use an overclocker.  My Mystic is currently running at 50MHz, which is only possible by using fast 60ns VRAM. Doing the VGA mod takes the resolution up to be compatible with most games.  Adding a second speaker gives you internal stereo, further enhancing vintage gaming.  

    You can add even more fun by installing an Apple IIe Card, giving a very authentic Apple II experience that is not an emulator.  Swap out the old spinner HDD with a SCSI to SD card solution like MacSD or BlueSCSI and a SCSI extension cable, then add a fun clicker device to simulate the head movement sound of a real hard drive.  Be sure to also get a FloppyEMU for convenient access to a host of vintage disk images from Macintosh Garden, as well as numerous Apple II images.  Then add a FlippyFloppy to give your CC Mystic an external floppy drive connector specifically made for the FloppyEMU, which has a toggle switch to allow continued use of the CC's internal floppy drive too.  

    You also need to swap out the electrolytic capacitors on the Analog Board and on whatever motherboard you intend to use.  You probably will also need to swap out a broken plastic gear inside the stock internal floppy drive.  You can even change the text on the front badge with a dry transfer sheet.

    The amazing upgradability of the Color Classic makes it one of the most beloved models in the compact Mac series, on par with the SE/30.

    I'll leave you with a 1993 Computer Chronicles video about the Color Classic (starts at 2:22)...

  • Jean-Louis Gassee doesn't know who an iPad is for, and thinks you don't either

    Despite the naysayers at the time, I understood why iPad had a place in Apple's lineup when the iPad was first introduced.  It had a lot of potential.  But it's been more than 12 years and the iPad has not evolved where it matters most -- the OS and UI.  

    Just as macOS improved over the years -- compare macOS today versus System 3.2 running on a  Mac128 -- so too the operating system on iPad should have improved beyond what we have today.  This is really why I've not bought an iPad since my 3rd gen 2012 model.  I've long thought about it, but what's held me back is the software side, not the hardware.  The hardware is amazing.  But the software holds it back from being practical TO ME.  I couldn't care less if it is practical to other people.  I don't really care if all the rest of you in this forum live and breath iPad.  And that's only fare.  You buy something based on how well it serves YOU, not based on how it serves everybody else or based on the fact there have been 500 million iPads sold.  Yes, all other people can be wrong and you alone can be right when it comes to YOUR buying decisions!

    Look, I am happy with my iPhones and Macs.  For now, I really don't need an iPad in the mix.  But if ever Apple made the iPad OS strikingly different and more powerful than today on the SOFTWARE side, then I will be taking a close look at a possible buy.  And when it comes down to it, that's really what matters.  Sometimes change is good.  Let's root for change, not for a continuation of the status quo.