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  • Immerse yourself in the neon streets of Tokyo manga with a new 'Shot on iPhone' film

    それ以上すばらしいShot on iPhone動画を見たことがないぜ!
  • Apple to pay $14.4M to settle Canadian 'Batterygate' lawsuit

    When will people learn...

    Companies DO NOT pay for stupid lawsuits like that.

    That's right.  We pay a premium to Apple, not only for great design and the world's best OS, but we also pay the stupid morons of the world indirectly when they sue Apple and win. We then have people rush in to say that it doesn't matter because "in the greater scheme of things, it's small money for Apple."  They always make ridiculous comparisons like that rather than looking at that truly big money in absolute terms.  Fact is, somebody pays for it.  Apple pays it in your behalf first, then we the consumer pay it back later, slowly, over time, as we buy Apple products and services.

    Am I happy about that?  Heck no!  
    Is it Apple's fault?  No.  
    It's the fault of the stupid morons out there, and their blood sucking lawyers.

    Sometimes I wish nobody had the right to sue about anything.  Too many people abuse the very system that is supposed to keep order in society, and society pays a heavy price for it.
  • You can now save up to $1 million in your Apple Card Savings Account

    4.35% is not that great.

    Fidelity Investments has been offering 4.97% for a long while now.
  • Decade-old Apple Car project may be completely dead


    Throughout all these years, even while reading article after article about it, I knew deep down in my heart that this "rumor" was little more than that.  It made no sense whatsoever that Apple, a computer and iPhone company, would make a car.  It seemed so crazy to me.  And then today, we see this article saying the idea is all but dead.  That makes the most sense of all.
  • Apple Vision Pro is unsurprisingly expensive to produce

    Follows what I've been saying.  People who think VISION PRO will soon drop to AliExpress prices are delusional.

    In 1984, the Macintosh made its debut for $2,495.  Later that year, the Macintosh was upgrade with a decent amount of RAM.  Cost?  $3195 initially, because RAM was expensive in those days.  The Mac 128K dropped to $2,195, but is that really an AliExpress drop? LOL.  No.  What about the Mac 512Ke?  Oh look!  A price drop! Now only $1,999.  That's sure to please the AliExpress price lovers!  Oh wait...  The 512Ke came out in 1986 when the Mac Plus also came out, selling for $2,600 -- more than the original 128K Mac.  How about the Mac SE in 1987?  Nope. $2,898, unless you wanted a 20MB hard disk, and then $3,698. (Admittedly, the Mac Plus still sold during the SE years.) Surely the 1989 compact Macs must have been cheaper, you say?  Nope.  The SE/30 came out for $4,369 for a mere 1MB of RAM and no hard disk, rising to $6,569 for 4MB of RAM and an 80MB HDD.

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

    When newer models include even better, cutting edge tech inside as compared with the original model, the price doesn't go down.  Traditionally, it has gotten more expensive.  And certainly, inflationary pressures will drive that too.  And while older models like the Mac Plus continued to be sold alongside better and more expensive models like the SE, the Plus was never AliExpress cheap.

    Even if you argue that the cost of the current cutting edge tech will go down over time, and even if you argue that increased sales volumes will drive the price down as compared to now, I simply don't see VISION PRO becoming a $500 product that competes with META.  Strip out all the expensive features that make VISION PRO unique and better, sure.  But Apple would be stupid to do that.

    So let's get our expectations adjusted in accordance with reality, folks.