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  • Apple Store crash victims sue Apple over '100% preventable' crash

    I hate most lawsuits because the majority of the time, lawyers are in it for the money more than betterment of someone or society at large.  With that said, I myself called for batteries when that story first broke.  Makes absolutely no sense for ANY BUSINESS to not have concrete polls or similar to prevent accidental lead-foot drivers, especially elderly drivers, from plowing throw a building by accident.  And while newer cars like Toyota have features like Safety Sense which prevents such accidents, that doesn't help people who drive older cars which lack those features.

    Now while barriers can and should apply to any business, Apple more than other businesses need them because sometimes you have thugs who deliberately drive cars through the front of the store at night to steal products.  A good set of barriers would help thwart that.

    I just wish it didn't take a lawsuit to get the right thing done.  And then it should be a discussion between Apple and the landowners, where Apple should not have to bear the total cost.

    P.S.  I'm happy at least ONE AppleInsider article today allows Comments.  Totally hilarious to see all the Musk/Twitter articles today banning comments (i.e., stopping free speech) when it comes to topics that discuss free speech.  I've long taken issue with AppleInsider about that.  There are risks with freedom, but it's worth it.  No need to go full CCP to limit speech AppleInsider owners don't like.  You're not a true advocate of liberty until you afford your neighbor more freedom than you are willing to afford yourself. I don't smoke or drink alcohol, but I don't go around calling for total bans on those things.  And no, calling for more freedom to comment doesn't mean it's a free-for-all.  So long as no crimes are being committed and no laws broken, it's a fact that some speech may be pretty naught (personally, I had profanity), but that doesn't mean we need to censor anything and everything we don't like.  Loosening the comment restrictions is the right thing to do.  There really can be a proper balance, without the need to complete block all comments under multiple articles.  Blocking comments is more than just limiting speech. It's like AppleInsider is playing parent, spanking kids for having been naughty in other threads.  And yes, I've spoken to at least one AppleInsider author in the distance past who told me about SEO and how AppleInsider content appears in search engines as justification for censoring comments, but that argument was not persuasive at all in my humble opinion.  Strive for free speech whenever possible.  Thanks.
  • iPhone 15 Ultra: What it may look like, and what to expect in 2023

    Even with a titanium rim, a hard drop onto concrete would likely still mar a naked iPhone, which is why most people put a protective case on them, which in turn makes the camera bump less of an issue.

    For the rare few people who do use the phone naked though, as long as the titanium edge isn't a shiny finger magnet like stainless steel, it should be a step up in terms of aesthetics.
  • Foxconn paid 20,000 rioting workers to leave the company

    jdw said:
    You still don't understand culture. You try to link me to CCP proves it.

    Culture is contained in the history and historical writings. Unless CCP destroys Chinese language and hide its history, the Chinese culture will never be forgotten by Chinese people. Since this the absolute truth, CCP cannot continue its governing without conforming to Chinese culture. 

    I don't think you understand Western culture believes in absolute personal freedom. If you look at the several thousands years Chinese history. Chinese people is governed by a central government and emperor. They have much less personal freedom in political matters than today. 

    And you don't seem to understand politics. US is democratic nation. But President Trump did many things with presidential orders without the approval of people and not Congress. Politics is just like this. TSMC has to obey US order to move several hundreds employees and family to Arizona. This is democracy? Give me a break!

    US government and CCP is on a par in terms of politics. See Jobs and Apple ignored political in their business decisions. And what you are trying to do on Apple is imposing politics on Apple. 
    Whether you are or are not a mouthpiece of the CCP is something only you can say, but if you were a mouthpiece, you would obviously not be truthful about that. (serpentza has quite a lot to say on that subject.)  I merely said your words thus far SEEM to have been written by such a person.  How so?  Because you, quite curiously, haven't admitted to a single atrocity committed by the CCP.  That silence is telling.  You also continue to say that I am misinformed while you are not.  Rather than tackle the issue of past atrocities of the CCP and communism in general, you talk about culture, as if that somehow makes it all better.  Talk of culture doesn't make past atrocities better.  And talk about the differences in politics between the US and China is more of a distraction than addressing the core issue of the CCP.

    I cannot be imposing politics on Apple because it was Apple who made the decision to manufacture and sell in China.  I had nothing to do with that.

    When you finally concede that the CCP has done some very bad things to its people, we can then perhaps have a more productive conversation.  

    Goodness knows Western culture is filled with atrocities, but at least those in the West recognize them and don't hide behind a Great Firewall to prevent their dirty secrets from leaking out to the world.  There is some censorship of "freedom of speech" which disproves your contention about "absolute personal freedom" in the West, but that Western censorship pales in comparison to the level of censorship imposed on the Chinese people by the CCP, forcing the Chinese people to use a VPN in order to watch a YouTube video or see social certain media posts that the rest of the world can watch or read freely. It is that type of suppressive environment Apple chose to manufacture and sell their products in.  

    That is why I said in my previous posts that doing business in China is a great risk for Apple.  It's lucrative and so Apple remains there, but the risks remain too.  The riots spoken of by the article are part of that "risk."  That is the basis for our entire discussion, and no, risk is not merely some fantasy concocted by people who misunderstand politics or culture.  The risk is real.
    Your logic is failing. Your assumption is there are atrocities and calling me to admit a single atrocity committed by the CCP. But what are the atrocities you could not say. To I challenge you to name one by one and I will debunk you one by one. To make it simple you can start by one. 
    It’s easy to come along and try to shut someone down simply by saying “your logic is failing.“ The only thing failing is your mouse button, because I’ve given you plenty of links in my previous posts in this thread to give you the very examples of “atrocities“ about which I’ve been speaking. That proves you are arguing for the sake of arguing, and therefore there is no need for me to further argue with you on this point. This discussion is completely unproductive simply because you have one agenda in mind, which seems to be to defend the CCP, and you will follow that agenda regardlesd of how many links and how many replies to your questions you receive.

    The end.
  • iPhone 15 rumored to get advanced image sensor from Sony

    Currently, one photographic rumor for the iPhone 15 is a periscope camera. It would bring better optical zoom to the smartphone lineup by using a folding camera system to put more space between the lens and the sensor -- and perhaps reduce the camera bump on the back of the phone.
    How does "more space" for a periscope camera equate to a "reduced camera bump"?

    Don't get me wrong though.  I'm all for such a camera, regardless of the bump.
  • Apple's rumored Disney acquisition is 'pure speculation' says Bob Iger

    The United States government has antitrust insanity to such an extent that federal regulators probably would never allow such a merger.

    With that said, I did ditch Netflix for Disney+ at the request of my teenage children and thus far it has been a prudent choice.  I did watch a few episodes of For All Mankind when they were free to watch, and while that was interesting, there's still not enough content (legacy content) on AppleTV+ to secure my subscription to the service.