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  • Deadly Apple Store car crash was an accident, driver claims

    Sorry for my ignorance of crazy modern English, but what in the world does "The car crashed through the glass at speed" mean?  "At speed"?


    What I want to know is, why aren't there concrete polls or similar obstacles placed nearest the asphalt area so as to prevent the possibility of someone parked in front hitting the gas pedal instead of the break, thereby stopping the car with the concrete polls rather than allow the car to freely pass through the glass?  This is important for any storefront, but even more so for Apple, where in many cases the smash and break events are rather common.

    Here in Japan, we have many cases of old people doing that.  It's never on purpose, but somehow they end up with their aging foot of lead on the gas and it stays there until they've broken through the front of a building.  No doubt those cases were why Toyota came out with its Safety Sense tech, that programs the car to notice objects and prevents the car from smashing into them.  But that tech doesn't help old cars, which is why concrete blocks need to be installed.  And that shouldn't be the responsibility of Apple either.  That's just smart shopping mall and parking lot design.  Sure it costs more, but such barriers prevent tragic accidents like this.
  • Apple's App Store analytics may be able to identify users

    Few if any of us in a geeky web forum on a site named AppleInsider are going to be too bent out of shape over this.  But we aren't most people.  Most people do stupid things like look at any entity they consider wealthy and suable and consider ways to nit-pick perceived problems they can tout as hypocrisy or worse, so as to gain the lime light and say they are pursuing this evil in court so as to better humanity.  Yes, the world really is that messed up.

    With that said, because the world is so screwed up, it's always best to live as exemplary as possible, so as to avoid even the slightest perception of evil.  I have my issues with Mike Pence which I won't go into here, but his personal rule of not dining alone with another woman other than his wife is one example of someone wanting to live a "blameless" life.  If you as a married man are never around another lady alone, it then becomes much harder for that stupid nit-picking world, who thinks the worst in people, to suggest even a small possibility of impropriety.  In like manner, even if Apple isn't selling our data (and I don't believe it is), they still need to go the extra mile to ensure they too are blameless, leaving no possibility for anyone to say they are hypocrites about wanting to protect individual privacy.  Now that they know of the issue, they can start to address it.  Although if idiots do take the whole thing to court, then it will be in the public eye for longer and give the impression that Apple did something wrong, even though I'm guessing they really didn't.

    This stupid world is so frustrating it makes me scream.  But the best we can do is do our best, and that's what Apple needs to do.
  • Apple will buy US-made chips from TSMC, confirms Tim Cook

    But the labor wages here and expenses are likely the biggest reason for that outlook. 
    True, but that can be used as an excuse for any US company to halt all domestic US operations, export its "rocket science," and seek a cheaper source of labor overseas.  America badly needs domestic US production to increase. The US builds nearly everything in a country quite hostile to its own interests and wonders why it has such a big problem.  COVID and lockdowns in China only made that bad situation worse.  Taiwan isn't hostile to the US, but a lot of production remains in mainland China, not Taiwan.  And the only thing being done on the US side is to push companies to increase wages to compensate for inflation, which makes it even more unlikely the root problem of inadequate domestic US manufacturing will ever get fixed.  The current status quo cannot last forever.
  • Apple will buy US-made chips from TSMC, confirms Tim Cook

    This is one of those times I wish AppleInsider would do a bit more detailed reporting.

    Please tell us why Chang of TSMC Taiwan said the plans were "doomed to fail."  I want to know all the reasons he cited, but I can read the original article because its locked behind a paywall.
  • Steve Jobs' Birkenstocks sold for $218,750

    I am a huge Steve Jobs fan, but let's face it...  That's disgusting.  What's next, stained undergarments?  Both sellers and buyers of things things need to seek professional help.