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  • Public opinion of Apple Vision Pro is all over the place, with some calling it a glorified...

    Public opinion from people who've never used the device is largely irrelevant.  And just because Christina Warren (who even knows who she is) says it wasn't the best experience for her, doesn't mean it will be the same for everyone else.  Indeed, I would like to hear what percentage of women like a "thing" on their face versus men.  I have a gut feeling more of the ladies probably would find it less than desirable, versus men, and not merely because of makeup either.  

    I look forward to the opinion of the USERS of the device over time.  That's what matters most.
  • Epic vs Apple suit finally ends, as Supreme Court refuses to hear both appeals

    Speaking of epic tales, when will Stephen King be writing a book based on this story and his look-alike?  
    Might even be a Sweeney Todd reboot of sorts entitled, Tim Sweeney: The Demon Gamer of Cheat Street
  • Apple Vision Pro customers face a 25-minute in-store sales pitch

    The article makes it sound like a bad thing, which it isn't.  And crazy comments like "what a nightmare" are... well... just downright crazy.  It's almost like people want to be given the boot out the door immediately after paying $3500! Patience is clearly a virtue missed by both the article author and many posting here in the comments.  

    If I were buying one, I would relish in such a 25-minute session, showing me more about the expensive device I am there to buy.  What some label a "sales pitch" I call a "helpful product overview session."  And for that high price, I should be given one!  And because it is totally new and not something people are accustomed to, it shouldn't be optional.  Making it optional would only result in more after-sale phone calls to figure out the very basics that 25-minute session will likely explain!

    Why in THE WORLD would I NOT want such personalized attention and help?

    Imagine yourself going out to buy a house, then you complain about the fact you had to talk to a realtor for 25 minutes!

    People who are complaining about a 25-minute session with Apple probably shouldn't be buying one of these in the first place.

    Most of you people probably want to find a full service gasoline station so you can complain they cleaned your front windshield and aired up your tires.

    Cut Apple some slack.  And cut buyers some slack.  Sounds more like an envy session by people who can't afford one, and then who are here complaining on behalf of would-be wealthy buyers, which is all the more laughable.

    I suspect most of you are too young to know the early days of Apple, when Macs came with a little tutorial on disk that taught people how to use a Mouse.  In like manner, this is a new product category, teaching people new tricks about an expensive new toy/tool.

    But regardless of all that, one thing rings true...

  • Apple Watch import ban stay opposed by ITC

    Why the heck does an apple just pay Masimo.

    I would be surprised if "an apple" could pay anybody, but I guess it pays you back in nutrients every time you eat one.  For like they say... An Apple a day keeps Masimo away.

  • EU antitrust chief to meet with Tim Cook to discuss fines and regulation

    Respite said:
    Chill out.  Have a cookie.
    It's 4°C/39°F right now.  Hard not to chill completely out in this weather, my friend.

    Regarding web cookies, please know that I use Super Agent for Safari.  It helps keep the madness under control on certain Macs that are able to run it, but I have a lot of computers and mobile devices, and it's not installed on all of them.  And it's not a 100% solution either.  The best solution is to eradicate those cookie notice viruses altogether.  That's really what they are, infecting each and every one of us.

    All said, it's proper and correct to pronounce EU as "Eeeeeeeeewwww!" for good reason!