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  • Apple to begin mass production on AR & VR headset in early 2023

    bad timing, people's pockets are tight these days...
    Spot on!  

    But even if pockets were loaded, to whom does such a device really appeal?  I don't see it appealing to me, unlike most other Apple products.

    Don't get me wrong.  I want Apple to try new things. I just need to be shown why I need this. :smile: 
  • Apple stocks rising fast as other Big Tech firms fall hard

    lkrupp said:
    Gotta stick that negative narrative in. Long way to recovery, doomed.
    "Negative narrative"?  Makes me absolutely sick that the most negative comments come from folks like yourself.

    I've not read the word "doomed" used, except by Extremist Fan Boys who defend nothing but the status quo of things and who do nothing to drive humanity forward. 

    While I've been a genuine fan since my Macintosh 128K in 1984, owning Macs exclusively since then, never once in my life ever owing a single Windoze PC, I still know when to present indisputable facts when the occasion arises, without harboring any ill will toward Apple or my fellow Mac lovers.  And then somebody like you comes along and reads only the negative in an otherwise hopeful post like mine.  It's a fact AAPL has a long way to go, but I want it to go that way -- which is up, up, up, not down, down, down.


    Your crazy remark triggered me enough to spill my guts further, so here it goes...

    I feel no need to WORSHIP what Extremist Fan Boys say I ought to worship.  I still chuckle at the extremists who told me in this very forum that the SD card slot was never coming back and the butterfly keyboard was here to say.  Poppycock!  I was one of the true Apple fans who had the guts to write Apple feedback frequently telling them to make their bad stuff better.  Guess what.  Apple did.  Because of me alone?  Ha.  No, because I am not alone in writing Apple feedback.  I believe in action, not just silly forum talk that does nothing.

    There are true Apple fans out there who love Apple enough to chastise Apple when it needs it, and those true fans aren't the one's going around using the word "Doomed" or getting ridiculously bent out of shape when someone like myself merely Googles "AAPL" and shows a graph that isn't negative but is instead a living and breathing REALITY.  Goodness knows that my shares of AAPL, which I have owned since 1999 and never sold even a single share, could use a boost.  So I have a vested interest in seeing it rise back to what it was in January.  That is why I posted what I did, for crying out loud.  It was nothing negative at all.

    To think I was chastised for posting what APPL was a few months ago shows some folks in this forum really DON'T GET IT at all.  I strongly suggest you folks take a break from this forum until you can start loving your fellow man, and start assuming the best in people, not the worst.  And yes, I still have some level of respect for even the nuts who were brash enough to tell me the SD card was never coming back and the butterfly keyboard was here to say.  Why?  Because even though those guys were flat out wrong, we're all still Apple product fans, and I respect you folks more than Android and Windoze folks who hate our preferred platform and think we all are nuts for not joining them.

    Have a nice day. Go AAPL!

  • Apple reportedly won't launch new M2 Macs until 2023

    This is good news for people who had to wait MONTHS earlier this year for their MBP machines, without Apple giving those poor people a darned thing -- not even a mere discount on AppleCare, if you can believe it.  Having M2 versions debut this year would have been rather insulting and too soon to those folks.  An 18 month upgrade cycle is better than 12, especially when one considers that a top end M1 Max is still amazingly powerful today, without any of its luster worn off.  Heck, even the original M1 MacBook Air is still no slouch!

    If there is a problem here, it's not with Apple.  It's with unrealistic EXPECTATIONS of buyers driven by the tech media.  The grass isn't greener on the other side.  Keep your eyes hopeful of a better future while at the same time being thankful and satisfied for what you have today.
  • Apple Music removes Kanye West playlist after controversy

    I'm mainly amazed that Apple Insider is allowing any comments under a "controversial" and obviously "political" post.  I've never quite figured out the logic behind the censoring of comments under particular articles.  For example, posts under the MS Office deals are constantly banned, preventing me from saying that I actually bought that deal via Apple Insider a couple times and have benefitted from it, although one of the codes was bad on my second purchase and I had to get support to issue me a new code.  Anyway, I'm a firm believer in freedom of expression, so I can't help but roll my eyes when I see comments are locked out here on AI.  I wish it would stop.

    As to Ye (not sure why everyone still calls him by his old name when he legally changed his name) and his freedom of expression, well, he's a political hot-button figure who spouts off without deep thought, similar to someone else we know in the political world.  The actions of Adidas, Foot Locker, Apple and others isn't surprising, as they are for-profit firms who will do whatever makes them look good at any given time, so as to benefit their bottom line.  It's about money and image for them, not a matter a principle, no matter what they say.

    As to freedom of expression for well known celebrities, logic dictates they will be held to a higher standard in accordance with their "apparent influence."  Whether or not Ye has the power to set the world against one segment of the population (it is a "segment" because there is no such thing as biological "race") is subject to debate.  I doubt he does, but the corporations and Hollywood celebs have filed their grievances against him.  Had a non-celeb nobody said the same words as Ye, I doubt anyone would have noticed or cared.  

    The moral of the story is that you should think before you exercise your freedom to speak; and even when you have something to say, consider not saying it.  

    "A closed mouth catches no flies."
  • From Lightning to USB-C: The long road, and the road ahead

    Apple doesn't necessarily need to update that Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad with USB-C...
    Insofar as the Magic Mouse needs to eliminate that stupid connector on the bottom of the mouse, I would say it does in fact need a change.