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  • Shareholders challenging Apple on unions & alleged slave labor

    I've been an AAPL shareholder since 1999, and I've never sold a single share during the last 23 years.  I trust Apple, not shareholders, which is why I almost always vote against shareholder proposals when it's voting time. If shareholders were in charge, Apple probably wouldn't even exist today.

    I strongly recommend everyone read and ponder the excellent post by JP234 earlier in this thread.  That's pretty much all you need to know.
  • Apple's ad agency recommends a stop to Twitter campaigns

    "Twitter has had a tumultuous few days" ONLY in the eyes of the mass media, which includes AppleInsider.  And I say this truth as an avid reader of AppleInsider who continues to love content here.  But despite my love for AppleInsider, I call it like it is.  

    Daily reporting of Musk is either mass hysteria, cancel culture at work, or simply capitalist profiteering from hot-button "shock" news to draw in more readers.  Or maybe it's all of those things. 

    Here's reality...

    It's not that big a deal.

    Musk is a rich guy who for his own reasons bought Twitter -- a social media platform that I myself never use except for the rare cases of entering some kind of giveaway or sweepstakes.  FaceBook interactions mean far, far more to me.  (I'm not into Instagram either, for what it's worth.)  And while a large number of people really do care about Twitter, we all need to sit back, take a deep breath and relax because before Twitter existed, human beings existed and got along with each other about as well as we are today.  

    Can the world live without Twitter?  You bet it can!  In some ways, it probably would be better for it.

    So when a rich guy buys a company and then tries to get a return on his investment, he will try many things.  Some things he tries will fail and others will succeed.  Musk is playing with ideas now.  LET HIM!  The mass media is having a hay day with it only because CHANGE ALWAYS TRIGGERS CONTROVERSY!  But in the end, all the mass media does is manipulate the minds of readers.  That's right.  It's not some crazy rich guy touting freedom of speech that endangers minds.  It's the mind manipulating media!  The same is true of election time.  We have all this so-called "news" which is little more than biased commentary, all constructed to trigger people and indirectly influence votes.  Why?  Because triggered people help ratings and viewer/reader-ship.  Yeah.  It's as petty as money.  Or better: "filthy lucre."

    Don't get me wrong.  I still like AppleInsider.  They are merely playing follow-the-leader when it comes to hot button and "trending" stories like this.  But in the greater scheme of things, this topic about Musk and Twitter doesn't matter.  If you died today and went to heaven, do you thing the saints will be asking you about the latest news on Twitter?  Think about it.  There are much, MUCH more meaningful things than the need to dwell daily on what Musk is doing with something new he bought.

    Don't worry.  Be happy.

    It's good advice for us all.  Yeah, it does work.  And if you leave somebody alone to think long enough, good may come of it.  Leave Musk and Twitter alone, and report on something else.  We all need a breather from this incessant Twitter/Musk news.  The only reason it seems to be a big deal is because the mass media wants you to believe that.  It's time we all stop listening to what others tell us to think and start thinking for ourselves, even if that means we need to take a break from the crazy daily news for a while.
  • Apple's Emergency SOS is coming in November, after $450M investment

    From clicking on the links in this story you can find the image and its caption:
    Thank you for saying that, but the fact remains that photos need captions.  Explanation that "all one needs to do is click links in the article" does not nullify or eliminate the need for captions.


    Please put captions under photos where it is not 100% obvious what the content of the photo depicts.  If in doubt, add a caption. For example, if you show the front of a Macintosh 128K, even then it might be worth putting a caption under it because the machine could be a 128K or 512K machine, and maybe there's a reason why we should know the difference.

    SPECIFICS are our friends.
  • Apple's Emergency SOS is coming in November, after $450M investment

    Dear AppleInsider Writers,

    Please add captions under article photos when needed to explain what we are looking at.  I haven't the faintest idea what that round white thing is, and it would be faster and easier to read a caption under the photo than Google the image.

    Thank you.

    —AppleInsider Reader
  • High-profile resignations put Twitter at risk of giant FTC fines

    The amount of press coverage that one billionaire gets on a daily basis is sickening, and he cannot take all the blame for it either.  Some of it was interesting for a while, but now the incessant reporting has crossed a line.  The news media sadly focuses in whatever is perceived to be a hot button issue at any given time.  No wonder the US is so polarized politically.  The media, claiming to be unbiased, feeds both sides and then reports on the conflicts the media has induced!

    The best thing the news media can do for the average citizen is to just stop reporting about Twitter and Musk for a while.  Tesla and SpaceX news as well.  No, we readers of the daily news really don't need to know.  The world will keep spinning, and life will go on.  People will be happier as a result.  Let Musk sort things out without all the scrutiny, and instead just tell us about far more interesting and less provocative "product" news and "breakthroughs" from the world of tech.