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  • Another factory-sealed original iPhone hits the auction block

    The stupidity of the wealthy knows no bounds.  It will either be framed in glass, which is hilarious, or it will be opened, only to have its purchaser proclaim: "Great.  Now what?"

    A more sensible wealthy person would dump that 100K into AAPL, then quarterly dividends, then put the proceeds to far better use.  A lot of people have bashed Bill Gates, but at least he put his wealth toward making improvements to the world.  That should be a personal choice, of course, not forced through socialistic taxation.  But the wealthy still should consider Bill Gates lead when it comes to pondering their wealth and its use.  They could still live a very pampered life and help society too if they put some thought into it.

    But $100K for a box that gets put behind glass or opened and then shelved is ridiculous.
    Ditto Bitcoin.  The silly things people ascribe VALUE to is down right insane at times.
  • How to take a full-page screenshot on iPhone

    People are complaining that a full page screenshot cannot be taken in the AppleInsider app.  I agree that is a silly limitation.  To understand why it is silly, you must ask why we even need a dedicated app for a website in the first place?  Why use an app when you can use Safari?  

    The reason typically is because you could THEORETICALLY get MORE FUNCTIONALITY by using a dedicated app.  But if that's true, why then doesn't the app offer that expanded (more than Safari) functionality by way of giving us a FULL PAGE SCREENSHOT BUTTON? Right now, Safari is offering more functionality than the AppleInsider app, raising the question as to why that app even exists.  

    I personally use Safari and not the AppleInsider app, so I never noticed the feature limitation before.

  • Immerse yourself in the neon streets of Tokyo manga with a new 'Shot on iPhone' film

    それ以上すばらしいShot on iPhone動画を見たことがないぜ!
  • Apple to pay $14.4M to settle Canadian 'Batterygate' lawsuit

    When will people learn...

    Companies DO NOT pay for stupid lawsuits like that.

    That's right.  We pay a premium to Apple, not only for great design and the world's best OS, but we also pay the stupid morons of the world indirectly when they sue Apple and win. We then have people rush in to say that it doesn't matter because "in the greater scheme of things, it's small money for Apple."  They always make ridiculous comparisons like that rather than looking at that truly big money in absolute terms.  Fact is, somebody pays for it.  Apple pays it in your behalf first, then we the consumer pay it back later, slowly, over time, as we buy Apple products and services.

    Am I happy about that?  Heck no!  
    Is it Apple's fault?  No.  
    It's the fault of the stupid morons out there, and their blood sucking lawyers.

    Sometimes I wish nobody had the right to sue about anything.  Too many people abuse the very system that is supposed to keep order in society, and society pays a heavy price for it.
  • You can now save up to $1 million in your Apple Card Savings Account

    4.35% is not that great.

    Fidelity Investments has been offering 4.97% for a long while now.