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  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    I consider myself an extremely conservative person who doesn't buy into every New Green Deal being thrown at us, but even I didn't think anything ill of the sketch.

    I considered it typical Apple, which is really quite positive overall.

    I'm beginning to wonder if William Gallagher is a real person, or if it's really just John C. Dvorak in disguise, back to torture the Apple faithful yet again.

    William, you blew it.  BIG TIME.
  • Apple's valuation will fall to less than $3 trillion for the worst reasons

    carnegie said:
    Apple's market cap has already, based on yesterday's closing price of $191.17, fallen below $3 trillion because of the updated outstanding share count that we got. That updated count took about $18 billion off of Apple's market cap.
    The fall continues, with it now trading at $181.99 only two days after your post. 
  • Be careful with emoji, because they are legally binding in Canada

    jdw said:
    But this is Canada we're talking about, so I guess it comes as no huge surprise.
    Damn, man, you're on a roll today...
    Thank you!  :smile: 

    While I am not from Canada, I have a very good friend who lives there.  He is constantly telling me surprising things that go on there.  Not merely surprising to me, but to him as well.  Perhaps he has more disappointment than surprise, but he nonetheless has to live with a lot of insanity that I do not.  Hence, my prior remarks regarding the next door neighbor to my country of birth was rooted firmly in that knowledge.  If that offends you, I would say you are a bit too sensitive.  Life is hard.  We need be less sensitive and toughen up.  When you're less offended, you're happier.

    As to my remarks about the judge, I stand firmly behind them.  The length of our life and our life experiences shape us in good and bad ways.  The ruling is clearly flawed, so we must take some guesses as to what that judge was thinking.  Something obviously skewed the judge's thinking to rule in such a ridiculous manner, it seems only logical that judge is placing an unusually high significance on emoji, something a much older person would likely not do, despite knowing emojis are in wide use today.  As such, my comments were not out of place at all, even if they are speculation.

    I do wish to thank you because you made me reflect on what I wrote, and that helped me to see I do not need to second guess myself at all. I stand firmly behind the content of my previous post.
  • Be careful with emoji, because they are legally binding in Canada

    Very bad ruling, as intentions behind emoji are vague.  Any legal expert worth his or her salt should know that.  Lawyers type contracts in great detail for a reason.  A simply emoji cannot be a confirmation of anything legally binding as a result, even when used in the context of a length conversation, especially because most of us use thumbs up to indicate "I have read and noted what you just said."

    Makes me think the judge must be a younger person who didn't live a long life before emoji existed.

    Definitely a ruling that needs to be overturned.

    But this is Canada we're talking about, so I guess it comes as no huge surprise.
  • Threads hasn't been alive for a day, and Twitter is already threatening to sue

    Wow, you are really emotionally invested in Twitter and Elon Musk. 

    An AppleInsider once had this great advice. I think it might be useful to you in your current state. 

    “Calm down.  Take a deep breath.  Look outside at the beautiful world instead of your mobile phone.  Think positive thoughts rather than be so critical.  There is a batter way.  Most people simply chose not to pursue it.”

    Friend, you continue to misread people such as myself entirely if you believe I am somehow NOT calm or positive.  My closing remarks in my previous post prove that I am both calm and upbeat overall. Ditto my previous post.

    I am rather amused that you quoted something I wrote in an attempt to use it against me to make your point, but that fails for reasons I am now explaining.

    You are mistaken yet again in suggesting that I have some kind of unusual "emotional investment" in Musk/Twitter.  As I just explained, in what I had hoped was crystal clear English, my entire view of this matter is simply as someone who dislikes being inundated with all the Twitter/Musk news, especially since a lot of it is negative.  And here on AppleInsider, where we have a focus mainly on Apple, I even more so wish to keep the focus on Apple.  I just said all that, and I am repeating it again for you because you continue to misread me completely, probably because you disagree with me and are trying to create some kind of defense of your position.

    Next, please remember that some of us who were born in the early 70's don't have the old Twitter character limit tied to our brain which limits the amount of text we type. :smile:  In other words, typing several paragraphs and explaining a matter in great detail to people who don't fully understand you doesn't translate into someone being out of control or overly negative at all, especially since I am expressing thoughts about "negativity" by the news media.  

    You also need to consider how long I have been in this forum and then reflect on the fact my total number of posts are rather few for the years I've been here, thus proving that I do NOT live in this forum.  I do in fact go outside and view the world around me AND enjoy it.  I simply am adept at typing (and I type fast too), as well as at sharing detailed thoughts.

    Lastly, I don't type all this on a mobile phone.  That would be silly.  I use my Mac.  

    Hopefully, this finally clarifies the matter so I can move on to more important and pressing things in my life. :smiley: If it doesn't, you are free to get the last word in because this concludes my thoughts.  I've said all that needs to be said to clarify my thinking and intentions.

    I wish you a nice day!