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  • Apple cutting costs with bonus payment changes, hiring freeze

    sunman42 said:
    Rogue01 said:

    The recession is looming.  Inflation at an all time high.  And even Apple's operating costs have increased because water, power, natural gas, have all gone up in price.  Apple is laying people off through attrition.  They are not replacing people that leave.  Same as laying people off because they redistribute the work to others and have them take on more work.  They just did that when a VP of Design left and those duties are now passed on to someone else and the position not being replaced or filled.  So that makes them 'look good' by not publicly announcing layoffs, but the people have to take on more work for the same pay because Apple won't fill the now vacant position.  They just eliminate it instead.


    A recession may be coming, but that’s still TBD.

    Inflation is not at an all time high, and hasn’t been (ask any of the boomers around in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s). Rates of inflation have been dropping in the US for the last eight months. 

    Please don’t spread misinformation.

    Please don't quote your own reply! That is perhaps worse than any "misinformation" one observed in the post by Rogue01.  

    Also, your mention of the '70s and '80s excluded the true "ALL TIME" high, which is therefore "misinformation," if you really want me to split hairs.   Inflation was in fact at all time high of 23.70% in June of 1920.  But that was prior to even my birth, so I don't often dwell on that.  We tend to dwell on facts as they pertain to events that happened in our lifetimes.  And there's nothing wrong with that.

    Should Rogue01 have used words other than "all time"?  Perhaps, but everything is crystal in retrospect, right?  Fact is that too many younger people are overly sensitive and don't use their brains well.  They pop off at the slightest little insignificant thing.

    When Rogue01, posted what he did, I knew what he meant.  In 2022, inflation reached 8.5%, its highest rate since 1982.  So it was obvious to people like me, with our thinking cap firmly in place, that he was saying, "inflation is the highest it's been in a very long time."  It probably is the highest it's been in his lifetime (although not in mine, as I was born in 1971). Is that peak in 2022 an ALL TIME high?  Well, no, but that really does miss his point.  Again, this is why thinking caps are important.  

    People are too sensitive about writing the English language so perfectly that a blood sucking lawyer would get his kicks off it.  I personally, don't think humanity needs to go that far.  Besides, this is only a forum.  Any perceived "misinformation" isn't going to alter the course of the planet.  So when you see a T hasn't been crossed to your liking, or an "i" that hasn't been dotted, consider the friendlier approach of just saying nothing at all.  That's what prefer to do.
  • Microsoft makes Outlook for Mac free

    Even more hilarious about the people complain about paying for something is the fact that AppleInsider has been offering us amazing MS Office deals for a very long time now, and I have taken advantage of both to ensure my kids have the full office suite for educational use...


    The deal always sounded a bit fishy because the price is so long, but it is legit.  One time, they sold me a bad unlock code, but I worked with customer support to get a new code issued.  It's the full suite, not a stripped down version, which is nice.  It's not bloatware either.

    There was a time MS put out bloatware.  Most of you long-term Mac users know what happened when MS moved from the insanely great Word 5.1 to Word 6.  Yikes!  Word 5.1 is still the best version to run on vintage Macs.
  • Microsoft makes Outlook for Mac free

    Not sure where these crazy forum comments are coming from.  I've been using the paid version since Entourage.  It's been BETTER, oh yes, MUCH BETTER, than Apple Mail for longer than Apple Mail even existed!  Back in the day, I also used Claris Emailer and loved that too.  That's not to say MS Outlook is perfect, and I detest the fact it tells me to update to the NEW OUTLOOK on the monthly basis despite the fact there is a bug that prevents me from accessing mail in the New Outlook, keeping me in the old UI, but the old UI is what I know and love, so it matters little.

    Curious what drove them to do this.  I guess from reading the nutty previous comments that most people are simply ignorant of the fact Outlook is better than Mail and just boast about Mail being better anyway, maybe because they don't need to pay for Mail.

    And as to the crazy notion that the entire office suite should be "FREE"...  Oh yeah... LOL.  As if we need Ads to mar the UI!  Not on your life, buddy!

    Why people these days think there needs to be a FREE LUNCH everywhere is disturbing.  It also makes me worry what's going to happen now that MS is making Outlook free.  I can understand the need to drive adoption among ignorance young people, but how are they offsetting the cost of that?  What motivates them to make it better now that it is free?   These are the important questions I wish the article would have answered.
  • Remembering Steve Jobs on his 68th birthday

    JP234 said:
    jdw said:
    JP234 said:
    jdw said:
    I suppose one could argue that celebrating the birthdays of the DEAD have meaning because that day compiles us to consider their life.  But technically speaking, birthdays were concocted by the living to celebrate the ongoing life of the said person, showing them that another year has passed and celebrating the fact that they still remain with us.  Need further convincing? How many of you literary lovers celebrated Shakespeare's 458th "birthday"?  While one could counter-argue the Christmas serves as the greatest example of celebrating the BIRTH of a man, it can also be said by those who are believers, that He is still alive today, which rather nullifies the counterargument.

    I am alive (obviously), but I prefer to not spend all my time reading birthday wishes on FaceBook or being forced to respond to them when they inevitably come my way.  Interestingly enough, today is my birthday, and FaceBook is overflowing!  It may brighten the day of some, but to me it is an annoyance.  I am no longer a child who really cares about such things like cake and presents.  As another interesting twist, I need to attend a funeral today.  

    I would prefer that people recognize me for who I am today and what I still have to contribute, putting a lesser eye on the past.  

    But with the dead, we only have the past for them.  And while we could IMAGINE what Steve Jobs would do at Apple today, it is the realm of fantasy.  Steve didn't want Apple to constantly think: "what would Steve do?"  He considered death the best invention of life insofar as it demands CHANGE.  So it is with our thinking on celebrating "birth" days of the dead.  Perhaps we would do well to CHANGE that aspect of our culture, and instead just glean the best of Steve Jobs and mix that with our own ideas for making a better future.  Steve won't be mad.  "Great artists steal" was his personal philosophy.  

    So we reflect on Steve Jobs, not as a morbid celebration of the birth of dead man, but as a daily reflection on how we need to motivate ourselves like Steve did to accomplish something insanely great.
    If you prefer not to spend time reading your birthday wishes on Facebook, why not deactivate your account?
    You appear to be someone not privy to the existence of interesting vintage Mac Facebook groups!

    I'm aware of them. And they're all time sucks.
    Only someone who is not a vintage Mac fan would say what you did.  Quite a shame. But perhaps not surprising.  

    My first home computer was the Mac when I was 13 in 1984.  Many Mac users I came to know in later years were converts from Windoze.  None of them had the same appreciating and respect for the Mac that I did.  Indeed, my love for vintage Macs often transcends my love for modern Macs.  I also have a great appreciation for those in the vintage Mac community, regardless of whether they be on the 68kMLA, TinkerDifferent or in the FaceBook groups you sadly have chosen to despise.

    Regardless of your own likes and dislikes, my choice to remain on FaceBook is sound.  Not only do I enjoy the aforementioned FB groups, but I live outside my home country and FB is a way for me to keep in touch with many people I otherwise would not.

    And there you have it.
  • Dropbox won't be able to sync to external drives on macOS


    The article is not detailed enough and requires us to make assumptions, which I don't like to do.

    Is this talking exclusively about macOS Ventura?  An OS version I happily have NOT upgraded to because I like Monterey better? :-) 

    Or will DropBox dump its awful new version onto us Monterey users too?

    If the ticket to avoiding trouble is using Monterey, I am happy to stick with it.  I strongly dislike the facelift of System Preferences in Ventura.  Older is better.