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  • TSMC will continue to be Apple's sole chip producer for the 2019 'A13' processor

    Guess we should congratulate TSMC for a job well done.
  • Phone from 'The Matrix' resurrected in the modernized Nokia 8110 Reloaded

    cgWerks said:
    If it ran iOS, I might be interested. And, the flip-phones were much nicer than the slide ones. I can't remember what brand/model I had around 2000 anymore, but I loved that thing in terms of ergonomics of a phone.
    I think it's the Motorola Razr.
  • FBI forensic expert calls Apple 'evil genius' for strengthening iPhone encryption

    bitmod said:

    bigmac2 said:
    bitmod said:
    Smoke and mirrors. 
    The FBI may not have keys - but the NSA has a back door to not only snoop but turn your mic and camera on at any time without you knowing. 
    The same backdoor Apple uses to sell your info to advertisers. 

    Don't believe me? try it yourself: Without having any phone or iPad on - start talking about a product: "honey, do we have any Tylenol?" "I think we are out of Tylenol", "Who in town sells Tylenol"... then watch as mysteriously your Facebook ads and cookies throw Tylenol ads at you. 

    The reason battery life is worse in iOS 11 is because our devices are always listening. 

    Try it yourself. We've seen it with 4 random products now - too much to be a coincidence. 
    Also, everything and anything you text to someone is read and sold to advertisers. Text someone you are thinking of taking a vacation to Hawaii and watch as your ads start sending you Airbnb for Hawaii. 

    The crazy thing is, we are furthest thing from conspiracy theorists - and we set out to prove this wrong... yet the results done lie. 

    I hope you've got your tin foil hat!

    First the NSA universal backdoor is a myth, yes they have tool they can injecte into phone with physical access.  But there is absolute no way Apple could hide this kind of backdoor without public knowledge and thoroughly describe by white hat hackers. 

    This being said, even if the NSA can tap your phone, there is no interest for them to sale this information to Facebook for selling you Tylenol.  Facebook, Google and other internet giant got other way to find your points of interest from you and relative since you gave them all the infos they need by using free and ads sponsored services like Facebook, google, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

    More, the youtube app was the main culprit in the batterie issue with iOS 11, Apple and Google has issue a report about it, search on the web.

    If you don't want to be track, stop using free stuffs... You are not a Google and a Facebook consumer, for them you are their product they sold to advertiser. 

    Yes a Myth... like Apple unequivocally denying they track location - then turns out they were all along and lied. 
    Then Apple unequivocally denying they have a back door for security agencies - then turns out they lied about that too.
    Then Apple unequivocally stating that meta data is anonymous - turns out they lied and it's not. 
    Then Apple unequivocally denying they directly sell your info to 3rd parties - then turns out they take it and sell your info to 3d parties through iAd - playing linguistics games. 
    And on and on... 
    Man, wake up. Pull you head out of your ass and start paying attention. You got shares in the company, great! But that's no reason to live in complete denial. 

    You missed some very MAJOR points in my post... 
    1st - These ads are appearing from conversation in a household with no devices on or being used. As if they were listening to conversation.
    2nd - Try it yourself.
    3rd - You missed the point that we set out to prove the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists wrong. But we have been able to replicate this phenomenon with random products. Not always, but enough for it to be difficult to call a coincidence. 
    I wonder if you can elaborate on the "ads" - in which app do you see them? Do you see them in Facebook, Twitter, etc.? I guess you suspect that Apple sells iAds in these apps. Maybe you have other apps that display these ads? If you tell us which app is displaying the ads, people in this forum, including me, can probably do some tests to see if we can replicate your results.

    I don't think you can see the ads in iMessage or Phone app. Am I wrong?
  • Apple grants Finisar $390M for research & production on laser tech used in iPhone X

    I don't think Apple would just give the money away. This money is a loan and Finisar would have to pay back, I assume. The word "grant" feels like a gift that doesn't need to be returned. So, the title is a bit confusing for me :p
  • AirPods unboxed: Apple's other new wearable of the future

    I wish they offered a black version... it would be a bit more subdued for those who dont want to flash the white.
    I feel that third parties can produce sleeves/covers for AirPods so that we can have any color or color pattern on it. Or, maybe nail salons can paint AirPods for a fee, like tattoos? Anyway, the door is open for any innovations!