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  • Debunking retail rumors, Apple says its stores are equipped to repair new MacBook Pros

    nht said:
    zoetmb said:
    …And $1200 to upgrade from a 512MB to 2TB SSD?   ($1400 from 256MB).   Combine that with the non-upgradability of the machine and Apple turning into a sloth when it comes to meaningful new products and upgrades and I really don't have very good feelings about Apple anymore.  

    Samsung 960 Pro 2TB PCIe NVMe $1207.58.

    I don't think $1400 is a bad price.  512 is probably the sweet spot though.

    Your laptop lasted 8 years and you're bitching about how Apple sucks just because you don't agree with Apple engineers on how best to build laptops?  With an 8 year replacement cycle I'm not even sure DELL cares about having your business...your next major purchase won't be until 2024...and you're calling Apple sloths?

    Right on! 

    Better yet, as your link (in color) stated, it "Usually ships within 1 to 2 months." And 'Gift Wrapped' if he so wished.
  • Editorial: Apple survived 2016's onslaught of fake news and failed competitors

    I don't like to bash journalists, but I think they deserve this hit piece. The problem is…
    The problem is that they are not journalists.

    As the article states, "Journalists are supposed to report what's happening, not invent a narrative they want to happen. The problem is that few modern tech writers are actually journalists. Many are casual bloggers from vendor advocacy sites with a grudge against Apple. Journalists are supposed to report what's happening, not invent a narrative they want to happen."

    And perhaps, if we keep identifying them as such, and quoting their rhetoric, we only perpetuate their existence.
  • Editorial: Apple survived 2016's onslaught of fake news and failed competitors

    Disagree about now being the time to focus on maintaining. Apple right now needs to avoid becoming Microsoft circa 1999; dominant and yet headed for a lost decade. Things look okay right now, but that can change quickly. 
    So can the weather!
  • First look: LG UltraFine 5K Display

    bloggerblog said:
    Yes, the screen is beautiful but the display design is so un-Apple. It looks just like our Dell monitors at work, blah!

    AppleIsDying said:
    Basically a Dell monitor with all of nice on device controls and extremely handy legacy connectivity options ripped out. My widescreen 32" LG thunderbolt monitor has one cable and no-dongle-required legacy Ethernet, USB 2/3, DisplayPort, HDMI, can split screen literally any two computers on earth, makes me eggs in the morning and cost me $400 less a year ago. This is basically Apple saying "buy one of our underwhelming 2016 MacBooks and shut up"

    Could you guys post pics of your monitors?

    And SiSa as you stated, 
    You said:
    Hey Max, unfortunately I do not agree on certain aspects, and suggest a second thought about: - ugly plastic frame/design that does not fit to any premium Apple product - and the thicker upper frame looks particularly ugly and distracting to me…

    For the life of me, I have been in the graphic/multimedia business for years and I still can't define beauty or ugly by simply looking at a picture, especially over the internet.
  • Cook, other Apple execs open up on company's future in extensive '60 Minutes' feature

    bobroo said:
    jonl said:
    I fail to see what Apple got out of this. Tim Cook had several uncomfortable squirmy body language moments, and they actually showed the Foxconn nets.
    Funny you bring up body language. My wife and I find Tim Cook to be a terrible liar. In short, when he lies he smiles. Questioning about the success/failure of the Apple Watch brought a big grin and confirmed (to my wife and I anyway) the Apple Watch sales results are no where near what Tim and Jony thought they would be.
    You are amazing. You can watch a 2 dimensional screen and determine if the participants are telling the truth by a smile on their face? Or that you can tell what they are thinking.?