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  • Source code for iOS 9's 'iBoot' component reportedly leaks online

    Information wants to be free.
    Information, finds a way.
  • Apple suppliers now prepping AMD Vega video cards for upcoming iMac Pro

    sflocal said:
    I think Apple is in a moment of decision here.  They botched the (then new) Mac Pro in 2013.  If they get it right this time, and coupled with this new beast of an iMac Pro, I believe it will be a stellar year for Apple's shipments of pro-level hardware again.  I'm crossing fingers.

    I had an 2009 iMac (for the office) and a 2015 iMac 5K.  It was my hope that I would retire my 2009 machine, demote my 2015 to the office and get the new iMac Pro.  Unfortunately, my 2009 died a few weeks ago and as it was costing me lost revenue, I ended up buying a new MacBook Pro (along with my TB2 LED display).  So no (x)Mac Pro for me for a while.  

    I will be watching closely though at how this segment plays out.  I'd love to get the MacPro, but just don't have that business-need (yet) for it.  Looks like an incredible machine though.
    I'm nursing my 2009 Pro along.  I have replaced several parts.  Still kicks the ass off my other Macs.  I can't wait for the the MacPro.
  • Mazda says Apple CarPlay support coming soon, including retroactive upgrades

    Awesome!  Would love to upgrade to this in my 2016 Miata!
    LoveGiantsDan Andersen
  • BACtrack unveils Apple Watch band with built-in blood alcohol monitor

    Please tell there is some kind of legitimate medical use for constantly monitoring blood alcohol level, and this is not just the ideal strap for someone who desperately needs a different lifestyle than a daily flirting with drinking and driving.
    What's wrong with this use case? Seems to offer value to me -- learning how your consumption behavior affects your blood-alcohol levels, in order to get a data-based baseline of your behavior. I see nothing wrong with this at all. No different than those that want data-based workout metrics. 
    I'm a criminal DUI attorney.  This has a ton of value. I have clients that test just over the legal limit, but they don't realize they are at that level (they "feel" fine).  To be safe drinking at dinner and knowing you're ok to drive would be great.  Don't drink at all and it's not a problem?  True, but that's not the law.  And for those that test way over the limit, or will use this to try to see how high they can test, yea, not for them.
  • iTunes 12.4 to reportedly include new sidebar, minor UI tweaks

    tape said:
    The main thing I want/need is the ability to open a playlist in its own window. I cannot express how useful that was and how removing it in iTunes 11 made things a lot harder for me.
    I so want a separate window.  Also, I'm a visual person.  I look for albums and movies and TV shows by cover art.  I would love to have a cover flow view.

    Are there any Mac programs to use as interface instead of iTunes?