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  • Rumor: TSMC already finalizing 10nm 'A11' processor design for Apple's 'iPhone 7s'

    foggyhill said:
    You'd lose the ability to emulate Windows at a decent speed, which was a major factor in helping Windows switchers since 2006. Even though most switchers stop emulating Windows after a few months, knowing it's there if they need it helps a lot. There are also a fair number of die hard Windows users that use their Macs as a Windows machine, and that, too would go away. Even if Microsoft was magnanimous enough to compile Windows to the A chips ala RT, most Windows Apps are still x86 binaries. That all said, binary translation is possible (like Rosetta stone), and it would be interesting if Apple had their own CPUs. Then we wouldn't have a decade of SkyLake let downs and wouldn't be stuck with HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2. And I still feel Apple switching away from x86 is more a question of when than if.
    Who the hell cares? Apple certainly knows most people with MacBooks are not emulating windows, and if they do it it would be for legacy apps that certainly can work even in a slower emulation (because those sw are not extremely resource hungry or so old that even a slow emulation is basically the speed they had on fast hardware when they came out).

    As for switchers, if Apple makes it possible to run adapted IOS Apps on OSX, then Windows will have what advantage on OSX?

    Windows App development has slowed down A LOT in last few years; it's pretty stale really.

    The world of now is not the world of 2006; there are 3.5B+ mobile devices out there, 1B of those being Apples!

    Apple's not replacing all its range soon anyway. But, they're likely going to introduce a OSX Mac within 1-2 years.

    Absolutely.  Order of magnitude.  The world computing landscape has changed.  And in Apple's favour.

    We're already seeing keyboards on 'iOS' computers.  iPad Pro laptop?  And on the regular iPad Pro too.  Apple will be selling tens of millions of iPads.  Now with keyboard.  Many with a 'pencil.'  

    iPad apps.  How many of them?  They dwarf the Mac and rival Windows now.  

    I wonder what the computing landscape will look like with iOS11 and an A11 chip?

    Pretty powerful.  Apple are already casting a shadow over the chips in the Macbook.  The glacial rate of 'Skylake' and predecessors are staring down the barrel of A chips that are closing the gap alarmingly!

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  • Rumor: TSMC already finalizing 10nm 'A11' processor design for Apple's 'iPhone 7s'

    It's going to be one powerful chip/gpu combo?

    The A9x is already handle 4k content in the iPad Pro+!

    Wonder if it will go into any Macs...

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