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  • There are 'new' Apple Car rumors floating around - but beware

    cia said:
    lkrupp said:
    Remember how long Ming-Chi Kuo predicted an Apple branded HDTV? Let that sink in.
    That was actually Gene Munster. For YEARS predicting the TV was right around the corner.

    I bet there really was a Apple branded TV set that was far along in development but was scrapped.

    The longtime "Apple TV" rumors were a Gene Munster fabrication. Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't bat 1.000 but he never had any preposterously inane predictions like Munster whom AppleInsider worshipped like some sort of living god.

    My guess is that Apple had many "Apple TV" prototypes over the years in their labs but the economics never made any sense since televisions are low-margin devices that tend to spend many years in possession of the purchaser.

    More than a handful of people who frequent these Apple rumor sites seem to get their history wrong about analyst predictions.

    Munster was a notoriously poor predictor of Apple product features.
  • Apple earned $90.15B in fourth quarter of 2022

    AAPL being the most shorted stock means there is a period of rapid, massive short covering in the cards.
    What are you smoking?

    AAPL short percentage is 0.68%.
  • Apple rumored to be testing macOS for M2 iPad Pro

    dewme said:
    Marvin said:
    But but didn’t hair force one give a number of RECENT interviews stating apple has no intentions to merge Mac OS and iPad?… LOL 
    Federighi manages both macOS and iOS development and won't merge the systems. Both systems already run on M1, macOS can run iOS apps and iOS supports external displays. All that's needed is boot support for macOS on iPad hardware.

    It doesn't make sense to run macOS on all the iPads because there's not enough storage and RAM on all of them but the iPad Pros go up to 16GB/2TB.

    The Mac install and boot can be controlled by iPad OS, which can be running at the same time and require that an external display be plugged in to show macOS. iPad OS will continue to be displayed on the touch screen and macOS will display on the external display. macOS will be able to open supported iPad apps and files/email/calendar/music can be shared between both systems.

    This makes a higher priced iPad Pro (1TB 12" is $1799) way more appealing for some people as they don't have to get both Mac and iPad. They can sketch in Procreate with the Pencil and import it into Photoshop on the external display on the same device.

    While the iPad is connected to the display, the mouse would seamlessly switch between both systems and allow drag and drop. There's no adding touch to the Mac (which they can't due to the UI) and iPad OS stays the same but the user gets the best of both. It allows software development because macOS will allow compilation in the background. On the go, someone can code in an editor on iPad and compilation can run on the Mac system without breaking the iPadOS sandbox and the Mac can install it on iPad for testing if it's an iPad app.

    It would also be entirely optional. People who are happy to use iPads with just iPad OS can do that. For people who need the Mac side get this extra capability with minimal effort. There were be a macOS for iPad app that installs the OS and allows booting it in the background. The app will say to connect a monitor and it can switch between using as an extended display for iPad OS and showing macOS.

    It would be the lightest Mac at half the weight of the Air. This is zero convergence between iOS and macOS, it's just allowing extra optional capability to the iPad hardware.
    Very interesting perspective. This is exactly the kind of free flow of ideas and different ways of looking at topics that can differentiate a true “insiders” community or forum like AppleInsider from all of the others. 

    I’d never have considered the possibility of running iPadOS and macOS side by side on the same hardware, but why not? 

    Whether this or any other of the several speculative concepts put out there ever come to fruition doesn’t really matter. Apple totally controls that. But it’s still very interesting to see how other people can envision a concept or rumor unfolding into what could someday be a reality. It’s all about enjoying the voyage, whether real or imagined. 
    I am convinced that in some lab in Cupertino, there are Macs running iPadOS and iPads running macOS.

    Could Apple take these to market? Probably. Here's the key thing that many here don't want to accept: APPLE DOESN'T WANT TO.

    They probably keep running these prototypes to see if there's any justifiable user case where it makes sense to let iPad run macOS. More likely they see certain functionality that might be considered to migrate over. Hence iOS apps to Macs and something more like a desktop manager to iPad.

    In a similar way, there are undoubtedly prototype Macs in a lab with touchscreen displays. There's probably an iPad with a permanent keyboard attached via a hinge. It's not like if anyone at Apple read what I just wrote, they'd slap their head and say "Why didn't we think of that?!?"

    One thing for sure: iOS and iPadOS are optimized for touch input and are architected for power efficiency because all host devices are handhelds and have limited hardware resources. macOS is optimized for mouse/keyboard/trackpad input and allow for greater performance.

    The rumor there's an iPad running macOS shouldn't come as a surprise. The only surprise would be if Apple took this to market anytime soon.
  • Jony Ive's replacement Evans Hankey is leaving Apple

    JP234 said:
    Evans Hankey is an enigma. You won't find anything in her bio that isn't work related. Made me wonder if she was the inspiration for "Severance."
    Who knows? Maybe Evans Hankey has a Tumblr with 50,000 posts, every single one marked Private.

    Some people like to keep their private lives that way.

    Steve leaned that direction very strongly. However as a very high profile CEO, inevitably a few things would leak out from time to time. He kept a very low profile and never posted to social media. He never voluntarily offered anything from his personal life.

    Tim Cook is a little more verbal on social media for contemporary issues but he doesn't really share anything when he's not being CEO.

    It's okay to go through life without posting what event you're attending or what coffee drink the barista made for you.

    My guess is that Apple's heavy privacy focus came from Steve. Apple cares about privacy because Steve cared about privacy.
  • 'Resident Evil Village' for Mac arrives on October 28

    Is this considered a Triple-A game?