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  • 'High-end' Apple Silicon iMac may not arrive until 2022

    This probably coincides with the other AI article about Apple attending NAB.  IMHO, I would think there would be some sort of hardware announcement at that time.
    This makes zero sense. Apple does not announce new hardware at third party events. They only announce new hardware at their own events. Same with major software (operating systems, etc.).

    Nobody sane who follows Apple believed that an Apple Silicon Mac Pro was imminent this year. After all Apple themselves clearly stated that their transition to Apple Silicon was a two-year process and we aren't even at fourteen months after the unveiling during last year's WWDC in June.

    Apple does not like to share the limelight with other companies. That's why they bailed out of the Macworld Expo years ago: they make announcements on their own schedule, not someone else's.
  • Apple officially attending NAB for first time in a decade

    C'mon, the Department of Defense aren't total failures.

    Team USA kicked Grenada's ass in 1983, a scant 38 years ago.

    Perhaps they will be recruiting gamers to fly drone missions. "Hey, any of you guys ever play Starfox? We also need some help setting up streaming to the White House Situation Room."

  • Apple officially attending NAB for first time in a decade

    Apple Silicon Mac Pro release?
    The likelihood of this is zero percent.

    Apple does not announce new hardware at other people's events. They only announce new hardware at their own events.

    Besides, Apple said that the Apple Silicon transition would take two years. We are less than fourteen months since Apple unveiled Apple Silicon at WWDC in June 2020.

    The most plausible scenario would have them upgrading the Mac Pro the last, thus next year -- probably after MacOS 16 (whatever it will be called) ships in autumn 2022. This would also give Mac Hardware Engineering more time to improve ASi architecture for HEDT/workstation class performance.

    Next up should be a higher-end iMac, the 16" MacBook Pro, and refinements to all of the Macs that are currently on the M1 SoC. Again this would be done at one of Apple's exclusive events, not anywhere that they would have to share the limelight with someone else. This is a no brainer.
  • What to expect from Apple's Q3 2021 earnings on July 27

    My guess is that Apple's earnings will beat analyst expectations by 2-3 pennies per share but the stock will be slaughtered (in the short term) by weak guidance for the current quarter.

    Perhaps an opportunity to make a few bucks in an ultra-short term trade.
  • California university providing iPad Air bundle for 35,000 students

    This isn't about teaching computing basics to new students. It's expected that these incoming students know basic computing since that's how college applications are filed anyhow.

    This is more about providing a standardized content delivery platform so that students with modest backgrounds have the same access to the educational tools as the ones whose families can afford fancier technology. This also streamlines content creation (textbooks, multimedia content, lesson materials, etc.) for the faculty.

    Not all of the CSU schools are equal and certainly various majors attract a wide diversity of people. If I recall correctly, CSU Riverside has a large number of incoming freshmen who are the first in their family to go to college. It's not just the School of Engineering kids at San Jose State.

    Things that college can hone is deductive reasoning and critical thinking, two skills that many AI commenters seems to failed to pick up on. It also proves that you can FINISH something. Set a goal, pick a timeline and see if you can hit it. In the business world, this is really important to do. In high school, your parents will prod you to make sure you are doing what you need to be doing. In college, YOU -- as an adult -- are responsible for getting it done.

    CSU's distribution of iPads isn't about getting kids familiar with a mouse/stylus/keyboard. They already know about computing: they all have smartphones. Remember that Steve himself called the iPhone "the computer for the rest of us."