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  • Apple Fitness+ for iPhone launches October 24 with Taylor Swift music

    Oh goody, the girl who can’t sing without Autotune gets more money. 
    As far as I can tell, she does not use Autotune in her live performances. She did not use it at the Reputation tour show I saw. She can't sing nearly as well as her backing vocalists which is a key metric to determine if the star is using Autotune. 

    And if she's using it on her studio recordings, she needs to hire someone else to run the software.

    Only a handful of pop stars are good enough to outsing their backing vocalists unaided and Taylor is not one of them (Kelly Clarkson on the other hand is).

    Even if you don't care for her singing (which is understandable) she is the voice of a generation. She probably has a better chance than anyone else her age at winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, like Bob Dylan.

    I'll be long gone and forgotten by then but if it happens, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Who do you think would attract more subscribers to the Apple Fitness+ service? Itzhak Perlman? The estate of Charlie Parker?

    Anyhow, Taylor Swift and Apple have had a long partnership together on many projects and she rightly got Apple to change their streaming payments policy to benefit smaller artists.

    Remember that she's not a teeny bopper anymore singing about the quarterback on the high school football team. She'll be 33 in a couple of months and her fanbase represents one of the most coveted audiences for the Fitness+ market.
  • Apple rumored to be testing macOS for M2 iPad Pro

    Almost certainly there has been an iPad prototype running macOS in a lab somewhere in Cupertino for years.

    Most rumors end up being false and this is one I'd put in the "highly unlikely to happen" bucket.

    I think iPadOS and macOS will continue to share more ideas (Stage Manager is one example) but I just don't seeing them moving their tablet to macOS is this timeframe.

    Never say never, but I don't believe next year it will happen.
  • Analyst claims OLED is coming to iPad Pro in 2024

    DAalseth said:
    Yeah, yeah, they claim a lot of things.
    It's easy to dismiss ANALyst predictions since they are usually wrong: even the most accurate ones don't bat .500.

    However there are a 2-3 analysts who have a considerably better track record than their peers and Ross Young is one of them, at least when he speaks about display technology. When Ross stays in his lane (which is most of the time), he's worth listening to.

    Ming is another with a pretty good track record although he covers a wider range of topics.
  • Intel's Thunderbolt 5 has twice the speed of Thunderbolt 4

    rob53 said:
    Not sure NVMe single blades will max out that projected speed and I can guarantee you that TB5 hardware will not be inexpensive. Article talks about 8K displays and only a bit about faster SSDs (for gaming? what about for real work like video production), which also will cost more. Higher bandwidth also ends up meaning people will want larger storage because, conceivably, faster speeds will allow more data to be pushed and stored. There is a usable limit to these speeds, which always has to do with money. You got it, you can buy it. Most consumers will never see the speed of TB5, same as now because most consumers only use USB3.x speeds instead of TB3/4 speeds because of the extra cost in making the interface hardware.
    I agree, I don't see how Joe Consumer will be able to saturate TB5 bandwidth.

    A pro certain probably could, writing multiple streams of 8K video (or other data) to a disk array with multiple NVMe drives. TB5 is intended more for that professional audience; Thunderbolt compatible hardware is already expensive.

    In any case, TB5 is still in the proposal stage. Once it's approved in its final form, there would be more activity to develop compliant hardware.

    Up until now, Thunderbolt has essentially been an externalization of the PCIe bus as far as I can tell. As PCIe bus bandwidth increases, Thunderbolt follows.
  • Apple reveals iPadOS 16.1 coming October 24

    DAalseth said:
    That said I might wait a few days to see how it’s shaking out. Or I might not. 

    My understanding (at least from years ago) is that Apple stops signing the older iPadOS/iOS version about a week after the new one releases and going back is impossible after that. Of course, there might be some trick way to work around this but I have no knowledge of this. Waiting a few days before installing would shorten your trial window.

    It's easier to revert back to an older version of macOS since Apple doesn't use version signatures to prevent installation of previous versions.