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  • Apple removes headphone jack from new 10th generation iPad

    Guys, the USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter works fine. I have one for my iPad mini (6th generation).

    Not a big deal.
  • Morgan Stanley pares AAPL target slightly to $177

    lkrupp said:
    JP234 said:
    "The combination of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac will likely be the primary factors driving Apple's growth. As of October 18, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max lead times are 26.5 days."

    I'd guess the services division will be the primary factor driving Apple's growth. At this point, the vast majority of Apple users are replacing existing models, not buying an iPhone/iPad/Mac for the first time. And first time buyers are what drives growth.
    And what crystal ball told you that?
    No one has a crystal ball. It's just speculation on JP234's part.

    Even Kathryn Huberty at Morgan Stanley doesn't have a crystal ball.
  • Apple rumored to launch M2 iPad Pro on Tuesday

    mpantone said:
    Will I EVER get to replace my big screen iMac?
    With another big screen iMac? Unlikely.

    With the introduction of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, it seems like that's your best alternative (or using the Mac mini as the host).

    If they wanted an iMac Pro replacement, they would have prototyped a number of test configurations in their labs and probably would have released something by now, either speed bumped Intel model or an M2 by now. Instead they discontinued the product.

    A more likely scenario is that they never had another iMac Pro on their product roadmap. It was a known dead end, a stopgap solution between the two vastly different Mac Pros. 

    Remember that desktop Macs are less than 15% of Apple's total Mac unit sales. They don't really see this as a growth market.
    On the other hand, they provide things like Stage Manager that is probably really useful for only about 5% of users. iMac in two sizes is hardly a technological or manufacturing reach. All other Macs and iPads come in many sizes. 

     Oh, there's no technological challenge to making a larger iMac. They've done so before.

    Apple has access to pretty much every single commercially viable flat panel display on this planet including widescreen panels, curved panels, in all display technologies (plasma, eInk, TN, VA, IPS, OLED, newer OLED variants, whatever) at all sizes whether it be 4" or 80"+.

    Clearly there is no larger iMac because they made a business decision to discontinue that size.

    As for Stage Manager it will likely end up being used by more people in the iPad Pro audience. There's also a chance that it will migrate in some diminished/simplified form to other devices and likely the Mac. This is a productivity workflow improvement, not some neat snazzy camera function that has an immediate visible benefit (like ultra-low light performance or anti-shake). My guess is that uptake will be slower as people figure out the best way (if any) to harness for their individual usage case.

    For sure, not every technology that Apple has introduced had true long-term stickiness. Ultimately it will be users that decide whether whatever Apple comes up with is worth using.
  • New Apple TV 4K with A15, HDR10+, more storage debuts

    mike1 said:
    With games not being popular on AppleTV, the Apple TV app and sharing of your device being available on many Smart TV’s, what is the appeal of this product today? 
    Is it for people with old televisions?

    Easy-to-use interface that is consistent throughout multiple TVs in the house.
    Best-in-class picture quality - Noticeably better 4K performance and scale-up from HD than any built-in apps and cheap streaming devices.
    Hub capability for a HomeKit - focused smart home. Cameras on the TV, control etc.

    Thanks! That makes sense. ߑ�t;/div>
    Be careful when you look at the name Apple TV:

    Apple TV the device ≠ equalling Apple TV the app ≠ Apple TV+ the service

    A long time ago, Apple TV the device could be reasonably equated to the Apple TV app/service.

    There are other features to the hardware as mike1 pointed. I'm not sure about how much  Apple Fitness+ integration is available in the Apple TV app that runs on some other brand's TV.

    There's Arcade of course, but also things like Siri, iPhone integration, the aforementioned HomeKit features, and possibly more. 

    The best thing to do is to visit the Apple corporate website and visit the product pages for the Apple TV hardware. There is new functionality the box brings with every generation. It's hard for even diligent readers to keep up to date via sites like AppleInsider so it's best to periodically see what new features are available with the latest hardware.

    I'm not sure how much familiarity with Apple you have but typically when they release new hardware, they include a few new features that are only available on the newly launched devices.

    There is nothing new about this, Apple has done this for decades, pairing some new function to a specific hardware-software combination.
  • Apple reveals iPadOS 16.1 coming October 24

    DAalseth said:
    Well, rats, I was really hoping the new ipadOS would be out today. 
    My understanding is that the development of iPadOS 16 has been particularly rocky. While no piece of software is bug free, many beta testers have noted a lot of problems with this year's iPadOS.

    Now if iPadOS was available to download today, that would imply one week less development and time to fix bugs.

    Do you think iPadOS 16 is at the point where software QA issues aren't on the front burner?

    Personally I think Apple's software QA quality has plummeted in recent years and have stopped installing new versions upon release. I won't upgrade to iOS 16 until April 2023. My iPad mini will also stay on version 15 until April 2023. My Mac mini 2018 is on macOS Monterey and won't be upgraded to Ventura, again in April 2023.

    I skipped Crapalina completely, jumping straight from Big Sur to Monterey in April this year.