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  • Apple rumored to launch M2 iPad Pro on Tuesday

    Will I EVER get to replace my big screen iMac?
    With another big screen iMac? Unlikely.

    With the introduction of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, it seems like that's your best alternative (or using the Mac mini as the host).

    If they wanted an iMac Pro replacement, they would have prototyped a number of test configurations in their labs and probably would have released something by now, either speed bumped Intel model or an M2 by now. Instead they discontinued the product.

    A more likely scenario is that they never had another iMac Pro on their product roadmap. It was a known dead end, a stopgap solution between the two vastly different Mac Pros. 

    Remember that desktop Macs are less than 15% of Apple's total Mac unit sales. They don't really see this as a growth market.
  • Sandmarc releases Titanium Edition band for Apple Watch Ultra

    Traditional style, quite similar to what the watch industry calls the oyster bracelet. You see it a lot on sport models, chronographs, etc. This one has a safety clasp that is popular on divers models. The outer links are narrower than the classic oyster bracelet (where the three segments are close to equal width).
  • Lufthansa flip-flops, AirTags now allowed on flights

    citpeks said:

    Mony and Ana may be polishing their CVs now, or at least were the receiving end of a stern memo from above.  Not unlike what their cabin crews deliver (note--when the pilot advises passengers to stay seated until the gate has been reached, and the seat belt sign extinguished, they mean it).

    This brouhaha is entirely of Lufthansa's own making.

    We have likely heard the last from Mony and Ana as representatives who have access to Lufthansa official social media channels.

    If they are still gainfully employed at Lufthansa, most likely they are boxing up flyers or reorganizing t-shirts in the merch closet.

    Lufthansa made a fool out of themselves by letting the wrong people to make these statements on an official company communications channel. And they didn't make the situation much better by clumsily backtracking.

    Very poor form.
  • Teens are still excited about iPhone & Apple Watch, less so about VR

    Madbum said:
    My 13 year old Nephew says he does not see one single android phone in his school

    Oh, there are Androids in his classroom. Teens are highly impressionable and status conscious; those who own them might be too embarrassed to pull them out. 
  • Teens are still excited about iPhone & Apple Watch, less so about VR

    danox said:
    How can you do VR, and be bad at AAA gaming?

    Because many VR usage cases aren't gaming?

    Besides, Apple is likely to start with AR not VR. They aren't the same.

    My guess is that Apple's first AR product -- as another wearable -- will have more usage cases related to health and fitness versus gaming. Maybe some sort of HUD for cycling? Hiking? Snowboarding? Kayaking? Skateboarding?