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  • The five best features for Apple users that were announced at WWDC 2022

    The most important feature might be the Afib History Feature, approved by the FDA hours before the keynote.

    Actually most of the health and fitness features are going to ultimately be more valuable than UI tweaks.

    It's worth noting that Apple is extending some of its fitness functionality to users who don't own an Apple Watch like me. I abhor tight fitting wristwatches so it's unlikely that I'll ever have one as an activity tracker as long as it needs to be snug on my wrist. And I certainly don't wear my watch on my wrist when I sleep. Hell, I'm doing my best to keep all wireless devices out of my bedroom.

    If there were a health fob like an AirTag, I might be up to that, but I'd have to remember to remember to pull it out of a pocket every night before I went to bed.
  • Compared: New M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air

    wood1208 said:
    M2 Macbook AIR is nice upgrade with performance, larger screen, front camera,etc etc but you don't have to be Apple genius to put one usb-c port on right side!! If Apple wants to save money or keep usb-c ports to minimum than than just split two left side USB-C ports and move one on the right. How hard is that ?
    These ports aren't ordinary USB 3.2. They are Thunderbolt ports.

    Thunderbolt can support two ports per bus. My Mac mini 2018 has two Thunderbolt buses (Bus 0 and Bus 1) thus the four Thunderbolt ports on the back of the machine. My guess is that there are engineering and cost considerations involved. They cannot realistically route one port to the opposite side of the MacBook Air chassis without considerable expense and possibly sacrificing reliability.

    It looks like these MacBooks only have one Thunderbolt bus which is why the ports are adjacent to each other. Putting a USB-C port on the right side might have been a possibility but it does increase cost. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a prototype M2 MacBook Air with ports on the right side sitting in a lab somewhere in Cupertino but ultimately got the ax.

    I understand your desire for a port on the right. I use an Acer Swift 3 as a notebook PC and it has a very convenient USB-A port on the right side; there's one on the left side as well as a Thunderbolt 3 port next to it. The right side USB-A port is very useful. There's only one USB-A on the left side of the Swift 3 to give space for an HDMI connector.
  • Native Nintendo Switch controller & steering wheel support coming to iOS 16, iPadOS 16, ma...

    Nintendo might be the most Apple-like of console companies, there are doubtlessly millions of Apple users with a Switch at home.
    Seeing as how Nintendo has sold over 110 million Switch units, it seems likely that some of those Switch owners have a Mac.

    This allows them to use their existing Switch-compatible controllers with Mac. Well, once they upgrade to macOS Ventura.

    I for one will be holding off upgrading to Ventura until April or May 2023. Apple software QA's precipitous decline started several years ago and I no longer install any of Apple's operating systems when they launch. Likewise I will stay on iOS 15 (which I just installed last month) until April or May next year.
  • Native Nintendo Switch controller & steering wheel support coming to iOS 16, iPadOS 16, ma...

    Great! Can’t wait to play some triple-A ga…. Oh wait.
    Sign up for GeForce NOW if you want to play Fortnite.

  • Apple will continue selling the M1 Macbook Air alongside the M2 model

    MacBook Air has 2 Thunderbolts plus MagSafe port while MacBook Pro 13" has only 2 Thunderbolts but no MagSafe. Makes zero sense!
    M2 MacBook Pro 13" is not a true upgrade. The platform is the same, down to the 720p FaceTime camera, the derelict TouchBar and the same exact dimensions.

    That's why Apple spent FAR more time talking about the MBA in the WWDC keynote. This is the new system.

    The M2 MBP 13" is the old system with a silicon bump.

    MagSafe will come to the MBP 13" in due time. Apple likes getting several years of service from its notebook designs.