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  • M3 Ultra Mac Studio rumored to debut in mid-2024 -- without a Mac Pro

    hypoluxa said:
    I can't see them (yet) removing the MacPro from their roster. The PCI expansion slots are a niche market for some Pro users who use them, they still have a customer market for it albeit a shrinking one.
    Could this not be addressed with a working external PCI expansion system?
  • Three M3 chips could land in Monday's Mac line refresh

    blastdoor said:
    Meteor lake is supposed to launch in December. It will be very interesting to see how the m3 lineup compares. I wonder if meteor lake comparisons are one reason Apple is launching pro and max now
    Apple doesn't give a crap about anything Intel is doing. Why should they?

    My wife's M1 MBAir totally trashes my "professional" (T-series) Lenovo work machine. Everything is better on the Air. It is way faster, it lasts days (yes, days) on a charge compared to hours (if I'm lucky) and has a usable trackpad. The only upside to the Lenovo is the really good keyboard. The Lenovo cost more too.

    So yeah, they care not. Their customers don't either.
  • Larger 32-inch iMac Pro rumored to hit store shelves in late 2024

    macxpress said:
    I doubt Apple is releasing an iMac Pro. An iMac Pro just isn't necessary with Mac Studio available. There might be a larger screened iMac coming but it won't be a Pro. Just because it's a larger screen iMac doesn't make it an iMac Pro. 
    Or they could just do a 32" version of the Studio Display, which I would buy in a heartbeat.

    I still have the original aluminum 30" Cinema Display from 2008-ish. But having seen 5k displays I covet the text clarity. As great as it is, I won't give up the size, even that little bit of real estate seems obvious to lose. A 32" Studio Display.... is perfect, and matches perfectly with the Studio.
  • Reddit plans accessibility changes to iOS app as community fury continues

    The iOS app is terrible in many ways.

    For instance, try selecting text in a message. Oh, that collapses the thread so you can no longer read the message you were trying to quote? Yeah, that's what I wanted...

    What's even more bizarre is that the posts that it choses to present to be are completely different than what you get in Safari on the same machine - yes, logged in as the same account. So you see something in the app and want to reply, but can't do so in the app for reason above, so you fire up Safari and can't find the post in question.

    It's just terrible from end to end.
  • Apple is refining haptic feedback technologies for future Siri Remote

    "the Siri Remote that could guide future users"

    Yeah, great.

    You know what would actually be great? How about putting the raised ring back on the play button so we can feel it easily, moving the Siri button which is currently impossible for me to push with my thumb, and making the track pad larger for those of us who prefer swiping to button pushing.

    And hey, here's an idea... given that the TV remote has always been the most-lost device in the home, wouldn't it be great if they put an AirTag in it so we could locate it with our phones and not have to play "where's the remote" with the kids?

    Now that would be great.