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  • Apple is producing USB-C EarPods for the iPhone 15

    Seems to me they'll get lots of sales on non-Apple platforms too. The selection of USB-C buds is not great, and the ones that I've used are generally bass-boosted crap. I'm sure there's good ones out there, but like everything, with Apple you can at least be sure they won't completely suck.

    Just hope they do the same for in-ear, as the original in-ear buds from Apple remain the best non-NC headphone's I've used.
  • Google Bard: Adequate, but Microsoft Bing blows it away

    Can someone try something for me? I always do this on a new chat AI, but Bard does not work in Canada.

    "what is the number of neutrons in a liter of water"

    My previous results:

    Bing: there are no neutrons in a liter of water
    ChatGPT 3.5: 556 neutrons in a liter of water
    ChatGPT 4.0: close to the correct number, off by 2x

    So very curious what Bard says.
  • Epic CEO fears Apple's influence over the metaverse

    I don't think Apple is their risk factor.

    I think the fact that people are is interested in VR as they were in 3D television is the risk factor.

    The number of people who want this crap in any near future is a rounding error.
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  • Level responds to lock picking claim, says Level Lock+ exceeds standards

    To me the point here is that it’s a lot of money for a lock that provides a relatively low level of security. 
    It provides exactly the same security as the lock you have on your door now. It uses the same cylinder. Did you replace your cylinders with a higher security one? No? Then you don't really care.

    And you can totally swap out the cylinder in this lock, it is the entire design concept.

    I don't know why people keep failing to mention this in the articles. The entire concept of the Lever is that it fits into a totally standard cut out and uses a totally standard cylinder. The original sales concept was to sell them without any hardware, and you would simply insert their bits into your existing lock. Now they add an actual physical lock, identical to the one you have now, and everyone's freaking out.
  • Level responds to lock picking claim, says Level Lock+ exceeds standards

    It’s alarming that the BHMA has rated a lock that can be picked in seconds with a AAA rating. 
    How can a consumer find a secure lock if the rating suggests AAA and can still be picked in seconds?
    Almost all locks can be picked in seconds. All you need is the tool. The high-security locks for homes generally add security by making the keyhole have a weird shape so the pick won't fit. So the Norman, for instance, uses a key that looks like an S in cross-section, so a normal flat pick won't fit into the curved slot. But that's it, after that it's the same mechanism. So all you have to do is use a different pick, which is why you have a lockpick SET, not a lockpick.

    There's a great article on the topic here:

    Go to page 128. "Ninety percent of all key cylinders sold can be picked in 10 seconds."

    But much more important: only 10% of illegal entries are unforced, and the vast majority of those are using a copied key - like the one you gave someone you trusted.

    The idea that you're losing security by using a standard barrel is simply not an issue. Every house around you has one of these locks - how many of them have been robbed by someone picking the lock?