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  • Level Lock+ HomeKit smart lock can be picked open in seconds

    Once again, with feeling:

    The idea of the Level is that you replace the cylinder with the one you already have in your door. That means you can keep using your keys, which you probably have all over the place. This is the entire design concept and it is why it is laid out like it is. There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing you how to do it.

    So the Level is exactly as pickable as your current cylinder because it uses your current cylinder. It's like the same cylinder though, as it's a completely standard 5-pin model that you can even re-key to use your existing keys.

    There are LOTS of reasons not to buy this lock, but pickability is not one of them because almost every lock out there is easily pickable. Better reasons include:

    1) If you touch it with any body part, even just brushing it, it will lock/unlock. It's so annoying almost everyone turns it off

    2) the auto-lock will re-lock the door even if its open, which means you you go to close it, BANG

    3) the auto-lock will re-lock even if you deliberately unlocked it. there's no way to leave your door unlocked if you're expecting someone. If you don't have a storm door you can keep closed... well, tough.
  • Apple rumored to be testing macOS for M2 iPad Pro

    As someone immediately pointed out in a reply to the original Twitter post, the installer in the image in the post is precisely the size of iOS 13.7. It appears someone simply renamed the installer either as a gag on us or the original poster.
  • New online tool lets you see how far iPhone cameras have come in 15 years

    This is the dumbest "comparison" page I have ever seen.

    They don't actually take photos with the various phones. In fact, they don't take a single photo at all.

    What they do is take photos they found on the 'net and then apply a blur to them based on what they expect it might look like based on the spec sheets.

    Why are you giving this oxygen?!
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  • Apple TV+ 'Servant' copyright suit will be heard

    Are previous comment intentionally ignoring the sentence "the suit alleged Apple TV+ series "Servant" not only stole the plot of the film but also aped production and cinematography choices"?

    Maybe read the whole appeal before siding either way?
    Ok I did. And what I see is that the only reason this is being allowed to proceed is a minor matter of precedent entirely unrelated to this case.

    Specifically, early dismissal of a copyright case requires a clear matter of law in the extrinsic test. So one could dismiss a case by the original Steamboat Willy against Servant because there is no possibility any "reasonable person" would say the two are related. The case could also be dismissed early if the parts of the work that are claimed to infringe are non-copywritable or tiny (the later is related to the basic concepts of fair use).

    In this case, the claimant is saying the overall concept of the movie has been copied. This clearly fails de minimis, and as the plot is copyrightable, fails the extrinsic test. So the decision to dismiss early is not legally supported and is thus being overturned.

    You will note there is not one single word on the content itself, nor any claim that the case may succeed. This is purely a matter of law. The claimant will now get to pay more money to try again.
  • Apple now calls itself a gaming company fighting with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

    ... which is why there's basically 1 in 20 games on the Mac?

    Its not like they can blame weak GPUs any more.