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  • Next Apple TV could use A12Z or "A14X" in big Apple Arcade push

    Yeah, except here's the thing:

    1) The released the original game-capable TV with a last-year model chip, forever cementing the baseline below that even of the iPad. Had they used the current design, at the time, the baseline would have been roughly 2X and much better games would be possible for a wider audience.

    2) Since the Siri remote, ATV sales have cratered. Now only some of that is deserved, and some of that they've fixed - you can figure it out without lights now, but still can't find the damb thing. But that's part of the package now, which drove up the price $70 and made it one of the most expensive and least capable systems on the market. So it's not exactly surprising it cratered

    3) Which means that the games have to be SO GOOD on this new box that people will replace their older ones. And that's from a company:

    4) where gaming is alternately announced as the next big thing and then immediately ignored, and ...

    5) the OS still has horrible gaming performance compared to any other platform. Same exact box under Bootcamp and Windows gets you 2x performance

    So sorry, but I'm skeptical.
  • Microsoft is closing all of its retail stores, permanently

    There was an MS store in Yorkdale mall in Toronto, about four or five units up from the Apple store. You could see them both if you stood in the right place.

    You know what Apple stores are like - bumping elbows just to get in the door.

    The MS store was always empty. Well not empty, but maybe five or six people inside, and three or four staff.

    Every time.
  • Apple Developer Transition Kits with Apple Silicon sports a A12Z chip in a $500 Mac mini

    If this thing has a real GPU in it, that's it for my trash can. Maybe Apple's GPUs will be OK, because the current mini's are useless.

  • Anti-robocall legislation passes through US House, on track to become law

    It is important to note that these systems will NOT stop robocalls. That’s non-trivial in the VOIP era when those calls can come from anywhere, most of which don’t care what laws the US passes. 

    What it will do is allow you to see when someone is spoofing the caller ID. Those calls can be ignored. It’s definitely better than nothing, and hopefully it will reduce the cost benefit ratio to the point where it’s not worth doing. But the cynic in me thinks the typical marks for these scams will be happy to take any call and any excuse as to why the caller is says THIS IS SPOOFED. 
  • Apple's 31.6-inch professional display may arrive soon, 17-inch MacBook Pro in early 2021 ...

    "and both will incorporate micro LED backlighting"

    Ummm, I don't think so.

    I get the feeling he doesn't understand what microLED is.

    There's no point backlighting with microLED, if you get an LED to cell-sized there's no point putting an LCD in front of it.