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  • AirPods unboxed: Apple's other new wearable of the future

    There is only one question anyone cares about: do they stay in your ear?

    All buds fall out of my ears. Only in-ear 'phones stay in, and only until I start to exercise, at which point, out they come.

    With no strap or over-the-ear, I can't imagine how I could stop these from falling out all the time.
  • Apple asks OLED suppliers to increase output in anticipation of curved 'iPhone 8' in 2017

    So, once again, the rumor mill is claiming Apple will skip the 7s?
  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    sirdir said:
    Well I guess Cook thinks he makes more money with iPhones. But one thing is true: The less products I can get from Apple, the easier it will be to switch altogether. Windows isn't as bad as it used to be, Android isn't as bad as it used to be... And Apple is on a dangerous way. 
    Yes, exactly. This is *exactly* what happened in the 90's.

    Look, cables are a low-margin business too, but you HAVE to sell them. Maybe a router isn't the same level as "have to", but it doesn't seem that far away from it either.

    Apple almost died once because they got hyper focused on money. No lesson learned, apparently.
  • Some Mac Pro support pages archived by Apple, will no longer be updated

    jasenj1 said:
    The problem is, from a business/economics standpoint they are. The market for googaws like the iPhone & iWatch are orders of magnitude larger than the professional workstation market. The home & prosumer markets also dwarf the truly high-end professional market.
    But that's just it - the MacPro with a few minor tweaks would be an excellent prosumer machine. Anyone that previously had a setup of any sort, including a PC, and already has a keyboard and monitor etc does not want to trash all that to get an iMac. The MacPro could be an excellent upsell to that market, which, as you say, is larger than they one they target now.
  • Some Mac Pro support pages archived by Apple, will no longer be updated

    Just remember Mac Pro is for publishing and videomakers who require much more power than you can squeeze into Macbook
    Yes, we are all aware of that.

    But we are also all aware that there are lots of potential customers looking for high-end machines that are not publishing or producing video. People like statisticians, scientists, developers and outright power users.

    Given that the list of changes need to make the machine suitable for all of these roles has no effect on its suitability for the two markets you mention, that it isn't more widely applicable is a crying shame. It's not like putting a second SSD slot in there, or adding a couple of USBs to the front, would somehow make it less suitable for video use.
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