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  • After Cambridge Analytica scandal, publishers see Apple News as a solid alternative to bei...

    Pfft. The default feeds for me included BuzzFeed, Politico and various YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE IT! sites. Such high-quality content!
  • Apple HomePod sales 'underwhelming,' AirPods still growing, analyst says

    It's a shame if this is true, because the HomePod does sound amazing

    Sure, but my Yamaha stereo with two nice Mirage speakers sounds better. And that setup cost the same as a Home Pod.

    It's just too expensive. This is an accessory, it can't cost as much as a full-blown iPad. And everyone knows it.

    If you can't do it $199, don't do it. It's not like someone was forcing them to sell one.
  • Apple delays HomePod launch until 'early 2018'

    zroger73 said:
    I'll continue to enjoy and utilize my Amazon Echos as smart speakers.
    Do they do AirPlay? Generally, how do you use them with an iPhone/iPad? Do they just appear and work, or is it like Sonos?
  • First look: Apple's bionic iPhone X with Face ID

    Soli said:
    I see your point, but this might be welcome to many as one of the common complaints I hear from people with Apple Pay is that end up paying with the wrong card because Touch ID is so fast. On this forum in the last couple weeks I had a discussion with someone that prefers their Apple Watch because they can do the more deliberate action of pressing the side button twice to activate Apple Pay.
    Ha! Fair point, I only have one card so this use-case doesn't effect me.
  • First look: Apple's bionic iPhone X with Face ID

    To pay, you double tap the side button, similar to Apple Watch.

    This strikes me as a real step backward.

    Right now I keep my phone in my left shirt pocket, facing in, with the button at the top.

    To use APay, I simply reach up with with my right hand and grasp the end, with my thumb on the button. As I place it on the reader, this naturally "flips" the phone face up while also authenticating. It's one single motion.

    This is especially important because I have found most readers have some sort of plastic or rubbery C-shaped "cup" around the number buttons that are below the display area in order stop people from seeing you type in a PIN. These interfere with the placement of the phone, which I normally have to rotate so it's sideways on the reader.

    Now it appears I will have to hold the phone in such a way that I can double click the buttons, and while it can see my face. I'm a bit concerned that this will make it more difficult to use in this case, although only time will tell.