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  • Hacker allegedly posed as Apple Support to scam user out of $1,500

    I swear, I had ten (10) scam calls yesterday, though that also includes me placing calls in response to scam emails. Anyway, one of them instructed me to go to the iOS App store to download "AnyDesk". You'll see it has very high reviews and also one star warnings that it is employed with scammers. I never downloaded it, though it does look useful. The scammer was upset that I preferred to use Safari on the Mac (to play along with his scam.) But honestly, ten scams just yesterday. I take them all, but never divulging critical information, of course. Often they ask me if they're speaking with "My Name" at "123 Main St", Zip code "12345" etc. So they already have my name and address, and I admit that they've got the right guy. But then they tell me, "all we need is the last four digits of your SS# or CC# just to qualify you." Yea, right.
  • Apple says Apple Card billing mixup fixed, but tax firm still inundated with phone calls

    I have failed Goldman Sachs' (GS) identity verification interviews four out of four times since February. The identity interviews are administered by phone from a live, GS bank employee. Some of the GS identity questions are fundamentally faulty which cannot possibly be answered correctly. The exception would be that the question(s) are 'trick questions'. I have since twice spoken to GS managers who discount the notion of 'trick questions'. The two GS managers I have spoken with have been sympathetic to my plight and agree with my description of faulty interview questions. Each time they have 'escalated' the issue, yet the responses I've received so far from the 'escalation' is just more f*%king GS emails "inviting" me to reapply. In other words, no one with the capacity to correct the faulty interview is examining the details of the story passed up by the two managers with whom I've submitted my story. Goldman Sachs is ONE BIG FAILURE.      
  • iPad Pro (2020) versus MacBook Air (2020): Performance & features

    Excellent article!
  • You can now purchase a sim-free iPhone and pay over time with Apple Card

    Catch-22  There's no way to get an Apple Card without an iPhone. 
  • Man gets four years in prison for $1.5M Apple Pay fraud

    Sflocal > Your remark is insightful. Good for you.
    I appreciate it.