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  • Apple issues invites to October 30 iPad Pro and Mac 'There's more in the making' event in ...

    eightzero said:
    welshdog said:
    I'm beginning to think the Mac Mini will be updated when the Mac Pro is updated. Not that they are related necessarily, but it would be an opportunity to reveal a Mini with more "pro" features.

    Pretty sure the XS Max is the replacement for the iPad mini. 

    I sort of agree with this observation but with a significant reservation. Isn't there a huge price difference between the two product categories? Personally, I have been chomping at the bit for the largest iPad Pro that Apple will offer. I want my phone as small as possible (i.e. still capable of running apps effectively like the iPhone SE which I currently use) and iPad as large as possible.
  • Beyond the new 'iPhone Xs,' what to expect from Apple's Sept. 12 'Gather round' special ev...

    sumergo said:
    eightzero said:
    A phone company announces its annual event for its latest phones. It also announces it will no longer make computers as they are a sideline business, and takes up too much time, few sales, and have lost interest in making the best computers. Making phones is easier and more profitable. The software division that made iWork, Final Cut, Aperature, Mac Server etc will also be disbanded, as they haven't done anything in years anyway. No one will miss them. No professional laptops (15" are just toys), no pro desktop Mac worth buying since 2013, no 17" laptop since 2012, no new Mac Mini, since ...I forgot it was so long ago. Old computers with old processors, old graphics cards, no user upgradable RAM, tiny RAM limit of 32Gb, same old high prices. Apple should give 5 year warranties. After 25 years as a Mac user, I am considering those PeeCees sadly. Cheaper, faster, 17" laptops, powerful desktop models.
    Hey eightzero, you could cut Macman1993 a little slack - he has a lot of valid points.

    Apple IS apparently reducing it's commitment to Macs, Displays, Airport . . .  in favour of services and phones.  They know what sells and what doesn't - we don't.
    Yes, it is sad, from another long term Apple user's perspective, that the market is encouraging Apple management and the Ive "design team" to focus their development and product delivery in the way they are currently doing.

    It may be tough for us, who might prefer a different business model, but just check out AAPL stocks to see what Wall Street might finally be getting about Apple's business competency . . .
    Bullshit, the both of you. There's nothing wrong with the current Macs, the mini should be coming soon, the Pro next year, and they said they're working on displays alongside it. The iMac Pro doesn't show dedication to the platform? Okay. The fastest MacBook Pros ever with 32GB of RAM and 4TB of the fastest storage not good enough for you? Sure. I'm saving up for the top of the line $6500 "toy", to do work on.

    Airport, sure, but let's not just make up stuff. Aperture was discontinued over 3 years ago. 

    Enjoy your PC.

    The guy seems to be a troll or at least playing one. Apple continues to invest in the Mac and sell a hell of a lot of powerful laptops (just look around). As long as XCode is the only way to really develop for the immense iOS market, Apple will continue to sell elegant, powerful Macs. Also, if one only goes back to the early 90’s, that is not an old timer. Never programmed in 6502 assembly? Newbie!
  • How Steve Jobs changed the face of retail 20 years ago

    jorgie said:
    Headlines like this are why people call Apple a cult...
    2. Not only did Apple not change the *face of retail*...
    You know, you can praise the things you like that Apple has done without using hyperbole every time...
    Speaking of hyperbole, your reaction is a bit over the top. I would not agree with the headline. Apple changed the face of ‘computer retail’ and especially ‘Apple retail’, but retail is enormous and most of it still sucks.

     I think an implied thesis of the article is that the decision to invest in the creation of a ‘new’ type of retail store specifically for Apple products is crucial to understanding why Apple is currently the most successful company. Normally we think in terms of technology and design. But could Apple have achieved its unprecedented level of growth by depending on the likes of Best Buy, CompUSA, etc to see and buy Apple products?

    I remember computer retail before the Apple Store. It was miserable and Apple products almost always got the short end of the stick. Based on the results, I think it is hard to overstate the importance of the decision that only Steve Jobs could make to go all in on building Apple retail.
  • Executive leading HealthKit, other software platforms leaves Apple

    AppleBum said:
    On a lighter note, are there any old fogies like me who read "HeathKit" everytime "HealthKit" is written?
    Yep, I was scratching my head why HeathKit was being discussed until I clicked the link and saw my error.
  • Netatmo launches Health Home Coach enabled for Apple's HomeKit

    So which peer reviewed medical journal provides information about the risks of wifi to personal health? That is an actual question, not a taunt (well, it is kind of a taunt, unless there has been actual research).