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  • Keychron K3 review: a classic mechanical keyboard in a modern compact form

    I've had one for a couple of months now, and I can say this: I've been using a computer since 1984, and this is easily the best keyboard I've ever owned.

    Don't worry about key noise; it's not bad at all, no louder than my MacBook Pro. 

    I highly recommend this keyboard; sleek design, very sturdy, RGB is very cool. 
  • Apple unveils Intercom feature for iPhone, iPad, HomePod, and AirPods

    When will the Intercom feature be available? They were vague on this; I'm assuming it won't require a HomePod Mini to work but will work on existing HomePods or our iPhones without a HomePod Mini.
  • Hands on with the new features in watchOS 5.1.2

    A long ad in the middle of your video?

    Note to self: don't waste time watching anymore AI videos.
  • Apple's Tim Cook says iPhone 8 & Apple Watch Series 3 seeing localized sellouts

    The trolls and naysayers are spewing the same old tired lines that have been uttered every time something new has been released. When the iPhone was announced, we heard months of negative comments, predictions of doom. Didn't happen. How can anyone say that Apple doesn't watch their stock prices? It's stupid to think otherwise; without maintaining (and improving upon) their value they'll wither and die. Hasn't happened yet, isn't going to happen now. Since when is the Apple Watch (the largest-selling smartphone in the world) a failure? The Series III will be an even bigger success. When the iPod was announced, people scoffed, said it was a stupid product. Hmm... how did THAT work out? When the iMac came out, the same know-it-alls said it wouldn't sell. Hmm... how did THAT work out?
  • Examined: FileMaker Pro 15 ecosystem for macOS, Windows, and iOS

    Another totally erroneous assertion:

    "The problem is business can not rely or depends on a tools that that dont know if it would still exist in 5 years."

    FileMaker Inc. has made a profit for EVERY year of its existence; it has millions of users, has a growing user base, has a large network of professional designers all over the world. 

    The person who made the comment above talked about SalesForce as a better alternative; to begin with, SalesForce hasn't been around for 30 years.