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  • How Adobe InDesign took over publishing with Steve Jobs' help

    Ah nostalgia, thanks for taking me back. 

  • Apple publishes new beta version of iCloud web portal, adds Reminders

    It does seem like a bit of an omission - though iMessage comes when you purchase an iDevice. You don’t do that with iCloud so they would need to tie the account to something to prove ownership of a device.

    Could be quite tricky to implement properly to stop everyone jumping on iMessage. I guess that’s is the differentiator?
  • Sony opens preorders for noise-cancelling, fully wireless WF-1000XM3 earbuds

    Pathetic. Sony has been a copy cat since Playstation.

    Sony was great pre-1995

    Yeah.... .... copying who sorry? You can’t mean Apple as they don’t have headphones with active noise cancelling. 

    This is exactly what I want on my Airpods. Though I’m sure ANC will be difficult given the lack of area to fit the tech into on the Airpods. if somehow they got them into the Airpods and kept the same form factor it would be amazing. 

    I may give these a try, nicely done Sony. Hopefully Apple manages to get noise cancelling into the Airpods soon. 
  • Apple may switch butterfly keyboard for scissor version in MacBook Air

    Oh yes!! 

    Get rid of of these awful things!! They are so bad Iran unbelievable. Burn them, destroy the plans for them and erase them from history. Broken the moment they are made. 

    They should never of existed and it’s shame on Apple they’ve lasted so long. 

    If they actually get ride of these it will be fantastic. I’ve gone back to my top spec previous generation but it’s getting long in the tooth. I miss Touch ID from the new machines, but can’t live with the lack of MagSafe, Keyboards, Touchbar Escape key etc. This would level the playing field massively and make an upgrade something I’d consider. 

    I would also not be concerned rolling out upgrades now. Knowing they won’t be coming back throughout the whole life and eventually killing the machine early once it’s out of warranty. 

    Keep fixing these issues Apple!! 

    Next, a non XDR Pro screen and you really are giving us what we want!
  • First look: Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR [u]

    It’s here!!! FINALLY!!! 

    Initial thoughts on the design are that it’s a bit odd and I preferred the original look. But I’m sure that will pass. 

    Who cares!!! 

    Its finally here and has PCI!!!

    Well done Apple for going back. It was the right thing to do