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  • Acer's CES 2024 displays include a massive 57-inch mini LED monitor

    Good to see these being covered by AI. 

    Interesting displays, hopefully they find there way to Europe. 

    For the people above, these are not meant to pitch against the Studio or XDR or be used for the same reasons. 

    If you try to use a Studio Display for what these are meant for it will fail and not impress. I know, I tried before thinking the 5K was the holy grail.  

    The refresh and response are key. The connectivity and panels are just not there yet to get both the 5K plus resolution and response, refresh from a display. 

    Studio Display for General use, something like this for gaming. 
  • iMac 24-inch M3 review: A clear sign that Intel Mac support is ending soon

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s marketing or PR. It won’t however interfere with their product plans, that is quite clear 
  • Titanium iPhone 15 Pro has new Action button, faster processor

    What a bland and boring line of colours. 

    Buy the top phone to have the least choice again. 

    Bring some colour options Apple!!! 

    Sad purple has gone, I’m due an upgrade and loved an option with a bit of colour 
  • Rumored Mac Studio trade-in points to possible refresh during WWDC

    Hate like this is the strangest thing. I’ve was t stagnant. He was iconic. What he did was create products so epic, that messing with the design just for the sake of change would be a step backward. You say he was stagnant, yet current apple has either not changed his designs at all, or copied his older stuff. 

    The new iMac is a rip off Ive’s Pro Display design, made thinner and smaller. In fact, take the iMac from the front and outside of a different snd polarizing bezel color, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the previous models. In fact, the color of the bezel is… a throwback to Ive’s first iMac. 


    YOU BLAME Ive for taking things too far as if the entire Apple board wasn’t pushing those things.

    As I stated earlier, though Apple is undoubtedly lessened by Ive’s absence, they are not anything less than great as is. Apple today is far and away the easer in tech and software design and engineering. And Apple has much to thank Ive for in building that sustainable foundation. 

    I've trimmed down the quoting for others.

    I didn't say hate - not sure where that came from.

    While Ive did some great things he was undeniably stagnant in the last years and by his own comments clearly not interested in the role anymore.

    Yes lots of the products are evolutions of his designs, that is to be expected. But they are evolving to be far more useful than they were before. MacBook Pro 14 and 16 lines as an example.

    I do think he took things too far, restricting the usefulness of the devices too far for aesthetics. If you read accounts from inside Apple that is not an unvoiced opinion.

    Clearly you are a big fan of his as am I. We differ however as I think Apple are now better off without him

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  • Rumored Mac Studio trade-in points to possible refresh during WWDC

    Reading these comments I am surprised by some of the comments. 

    That Apple is worse without Jonny Ive??? 

    That the iMac is “win in every way”

    In recent years, 5-10 or so. Jonny Ive had clearly taken things too far. Often making compromises on machines for design that simply made the machine worse at doing what it was meant to do. 

    The 2016 to 2020 MacBook Pros to mention just one line that was hampered during this period. 

    Since he has gone Apple have been releasing really good machines. MacBook Pro’s, M2 MacBook Air etc

    Apple are in a far better place now than they were then.

    As for the iMac being everything better than a Studio. Hard disagree on nearly every level except the visual appearance. Loud, noisy, clogged with dust. Screen issues over time the list goes on. 

    Choice is a good thing. I’m hoping we see an incremental update to the Studio to take the M2 line of chips. Would be lovely if the Studio Display could be tweaked but I can’t see that happening. If we get a larger iMac again with M series chips I think that’s a good thing. Certainly the M1 versions need an update now.  

    Keep updating Apple. Long gone are the stagnant later years of Jonny Ive.